Spielberg and Will Smith want to remake… OLD BOY

Variety is reporting that DreamWorks is in the process of securing the remake rights to Chan Wook-park’s [JSA (Joint Security Area), Sympathy for Lady Vengence, Sympathy for Mr.Vengence] twisted revenge film Oldboy. A film that, if your reading this, you probably need no introduction to.

I guess Spielberg and Smith have been wanting to work together for some time. But, is this really the dream project? Could Smith and Spielberg ever really embrace the Old Boy backstory or f’ed up ending? Can you imagine how watered down a mainstream Old Boy would have to be?

Let’s wonder how aliens will fit into the plot.

My friend Chris [Hamilton based movie-mogul drunken master], from recollection owns several copies of OldBoy, PAL & NTSC versions and like him, I imagine this news coming like a hammer to the face for OldBoy fans all over the planet.

Steven Spielberg is a visionary genius yes, but this remake news of a classic film [of a classic Manga] isn’t bitter sweet at all. It’s just bitter. Bitter shit, and that’s the worst kind.

I can’t imagine it frankly; One liners from Smith, American product placement, some racial feud I suspect and a political twist. [Sigh]

Oldboy - Hammer Fight Corridor Scene

Winner of the 2004 Cannes Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, director Chan Wook-park’s manga-based thriller became an art house hit. Beautifully shot, the original Oldboy tells a gripping tale about a Seoul businessman [played by Min-sik Choi, pictured] who gets kidnapped and tossed into a cell for 15 years by unseen captors for no apparent reason. Escaping at last, he follows a trail of clues to avenge his tormentors.

GO BUY THE DVD!!! before Chris does.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 9, 2008.

One Response to “Spielberg and Will Smith want to remake… OLD BOY”

  1. You said it Fin. And just to clarify, I own three editions of this wonderful film, including the sexy 3 disc edition that comes in an awesome oversize tin case and a first volume manga and gwaaaaaaa… sorry, kinda drooled over my keyboard for a moment there.

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