CrAzY Rant: Remakes [rant]

Upset by Steven Spielberg’s recent decision to remake OldBoy [+ live-action Ghost In The Shell] and also, catching Twilight Zone: The Movie [1983] late last night – in which Spielberg directed a woeful feel-good symbolic morality short [“Kick the Can”], involving old people in an old home recapturing their youthful spirit thanks to a magical old black man; – the Forbidden Planet sequel, The Thing prequel, The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, Alfred Hitchcock’s surreal thriller The Birds remake, Live-action Akira, Ghostbusters 3, Quarantine [REC] remake] and with the list going on and on; it just makes me want to BITCH.


Why don’t the big wigs with the money see that remakes of masterpiece stories committed to film are the scourge of the creative medium? [given a few exceptions] I think it’s because they really don’t give a damn. It’s all about profit.

So what then of those remake-Directors whose job description is to guide the work and artistic vision of the film?

The only logical explanation one thinking from the pit of anger and summit of knowledge has, is that they’re old. [impaired judgment/lack of fresh ideas/quick $]

A remake of a good film is no less different than an obvious rip-off of Star Wars. Just because they have the right to the name doesn’t make it a good idea.

I just hope it doesn’t catch on as a trend.

We’ve had the War Story, the Cop Drama, the Musical, the Parody, the Black Comedians Dressing Up, the Rob Schnider & Adam Sandler’s, and we’re still in the Superhero phase. I can live with game adaptations, or how about mainstream porn? But when you remake classics, you lose points.

Go the Independents!!!

[Just on the D-low: If I hear of a Explorers, Flight Of The Navigator or The Last Starfighter remake, I’ll be offering sacrificial virgins to Kali Goddess of Dissolution and Destruction to claim the souls of pending filmmakers, and of Paris Hilton, Harry Potter, Uwe Boll and Tom Cruise. Oh! And that black guy/girl on “America’s Next Top Model”. His friend’s too… Kali has many arms]

…I’m sure I mentioned the word Crazy somewhere?

~ by Fionnlagh on November 10, 2008.

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