Journey to the Center of the Post …hehe [screen caps & review]

I apologise for the nonexistent posts in the past week gone by, but my internet connection has been down and my girlfriend (totally loving being able to namedrop that) got priority over me and my time. MeowKapow baby!

I had wanted to see that new movie starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long “Going the Distance” but instead fixed an old TV Ariel and stayed home and watched NZ’s Next Top Model (she did anyway).

But my movie viewing week wasn’t wasted; may I recommend to any film buffs that enjoy watching movies with others “Journey to the Center of the Earth” Directed by Henry Levin; not the Brendan Fraser remake, the 1959 BLOCKBUSTER EPIC starring Pat Boone, James Mason and Arlene Dahl:

Heroic characters, menacing villains, monsters, big sets and special effects!

I honestly don’t know where to begin… I love early Science Fiction films like Forbidden Planet, War of the Worlds (1953), The Day The Earth Stood Still and even cheaply made Roger Corman “King of the B-movies” B-flicks, but I’ve never seen such a fantastic adventure movie like this before, regardless of era.

I said “enjoys watching movies with others” because it’s one of those gems you find and know nothing about, and when you watch it all you want to do is talk about it with someone during. You know watch I mean? what?

Seriously this film is awesome and lookout for my favourite part towards the end where the surviving characters travel ‘upwards.’ I also saw moments of this as an early inspiration for Indiana Jones.

James Mason plays Professor Oliver Lindenbrook, a scientist hoping to find the world’s core in this 1959 adaptation of the Jules Verne novel.

He leads his unusual party on an expedition to the center of the earth, by way of a volcano in Iceland. On the way, they encounter enormous mushrooms and giant prehistoric monsters.

Produced by Michael Todd with then-spectacular special effects, the story was modernized to 1950s sensibilities. Mason gives this class, while Arlene Dahl and Diane Baker are the romantic interests. And Pat Boone is more palatable than you might expect as a secondary lead. You can watch this with your children and not be bored, and they will surely love it. – Rochelle O’Gorman

~ by Fionnlagh on September 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Journey to the Center of the Post …hehe [screen caps & review]”

  1. Tehe, well if youre going to name and shame my penchant for narcissistic (hard to spell) reality tv you should add that I totally was the one who suggested we watch journey to the centre of the earth :p.

    Glad to see posts :].

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