“Star Trek Girl” by Meekakitty [nerdcore rap]

YouTube Vlogger, Tessa aka Meekakitty has just made a nerdcore homage to Star Trek! By playing the geek card she pretty much automatically acquires a legion of nerdy fans from around the globe United Federation of Planets 😉

We’re like moths to a flame when it comes to our Treks and Wars; its involuntary subconsciousness or something. Her video also features another YouTube vlogger, Ray William Johnson. No, I’m not a fan, but you might be after watching this:

Engaging, but I already have a Star Trek girl…Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Beverly Crusher! (Gates McFadden everybody)

Also; Marina Sirtis as Counsellor Deanna Troi and Denise Crosby as Security Chief Tasha Yar. What? They’re strong female roles ok.

I KNOW I KNOW I need to get out more…any Trekkies out there though?

~ by Fionnlagh on January 28, 2011.

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