Beauty & the Ceased [F]

Does beauty hurt? Or does the hurt come from our interpretation or associated thoughts we’ve consciously attributed to the things we consider beautiful? I think ‘true beauty’ is meant to make you feel, sadness. This is how we know it is real. If sadness is the one emotion we all avoid, then it makes sense that this feeling would be triggered in accordance with its polar opposite emotion. Like the feeling of empathy for someone else in pain or our own pain when something is not functioning properly within us. How we distinguish the truth in things must be instinctive. Is there a neurologist in the house?

My mother recently told me how sunsets reminded her of home; home she has not returned to in over 20 years. I think other things we find beautiful are reminders of things that are unique and not within reach, but alive in our hearts, kept safe in our memories. One emotion cannot manifest without another, letting us know the difference. If beauty is a stimulus of unspoken or unattained desires in limbo, then ’emotional duality’ isn’t something we should ignore or pacify with painkillers or adages. If sadness is the price we feel for experiencing true beauty, then the time we sacrifice in our everyday lives to attain a measure of it, is worth the rest of our lives. Love hurts.


~ by Fionnlagh on August 4, 2014.

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