WarSting — This DIY Hobbit Sword Glows Near Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks


The magical dagger Sting protected Bilbo from evil creatures and glowed blue when there were orcs nearby. But WarSting, Spark IO’s modern take on Sting, provides a more timely warning — It will glow when there are unsecured wireless networks nearby:


That’s right; this homemade replica modified from a toy, instead of glowing blue when it detects Orcs, glows blue when it picks up an open wi-fi network. All you have to do then is thrust and swing at the invisible frequency bands to store the name of the unsecured network to a Spark Cloud account for future use. Just don’t get caught swinging/hacking away at someone else’s network or you may just come face to face with a very real and visibly irate household troll of some sort. I’m not saying don’t do it — I was using my neighbours connection for a good year before moving out; silly Marshal59 named his network after his password — just don’t get stung, newb.


You can’t buy WarSting, but you can make it, here @ http://blog.spark.io/2014/12/17/warsting-a-wifi-scanning-sword-for-hobbits/


~ by Fionnlagh on January 14, 2015.

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