Wah-Wahs & All Saints “Pure Shores” [♬] [throwback]


Apparently one in every five men will admit to secretly loving this song… Real statistic.

Came on the car radio and reminded me of my girlchildhood. 90s music and road-trips always work. This won’t interest anyone I’m sure, but The X Factor New Zealand television reality music competition show (originating from the original UK series and based on the Australian The X Factor production format) has English singer-songwriter and All Saints member, Melanie Blatt, as one of the judges. Small world huh.


I was more of a Spice Girls & B*Witched weenie, but this song did strike some chords with me, those cords in particular being that wah-wah guitar dip sound. I will always attribute that riff to Johnny “Guitar” Watson, the godfather of the wah-wah sound, and especially Herbie Hancock’s cover of “Bubbles” (@ 2:33):

This post is a transvestite against good taste. Forgive me lords of funk, but I have to leave this here, if only so it may never be mentioned again for the rest of my adult life:

Oh my… I’m so ashamed right now. I bought the cassette tape and everything.


~ by Fionnlagh on January 27, 2015.

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