“Time Will Tell What’s Inside You” [F]

Anyone watch 12 MONKEYS on telly last night? After catching up with MR. ROBOT I channel surfed and caught the third act. Very good film, if your mind can keep up with Terry Gilliam’s frenetic time travel magnum opus:

Back in 2006, for three days there was a ‘drama camp’ held at an old army training grounds somewhere out in the Waikato region, and each person there HAD to sing a song in front of everyone on the first night and deliver a monologue from a film of their choosing the next day.

dramacamp 28.08.06

The song I chose was Sevendust’s “Follow”, and the monologue was of Brad Pitt’s institutionalized character in 12 MONKEYS giving a batshitcrazy introduction speech to a time-traveled and confused Bruce Willis in a mental-ward. I remember reciting my lines before bed and the very next morning so hard because of how absolutely freaking long it was. I bet it was entertaining for others, and I can laugh at it now, but I remember hating having to do it. I don’t even remember why I chose that of all things!


Point is (there isn’t one really, I just feel like writing and illustrating how my brain works from time to time) as it turns out, the hospital that the 12 MONKEYS scene was shot in was actually Philadelphia’s 185 year-old Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) which is an icon of the world’s early penal system and famous for jailing notorious gangster Al Capone.

The place is an abandoned ruin now but people are welcome to tour down its eerie halls, and if one so chooses, it comes with a guided audio-tour narrated by Steve Buscemi.


The jail attracts and enthrals through its dilapidation, many celebrities, one such being Tina Turner, whose hit music video for “We Don’t Need Another Hero” from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was also shot therein. Yeah, so…

12 monkeys

Here is the original French science fiction featurette that inspired 12 MONKEYS, “La Jetée” (1962) by Chris Marker, along with some random videos connected to other thoughts and so forth, you do the math, monkey:

Time can take Everything that surrounds you You can break from Everything that confines you Some to trust Look in my eyes I will guide you So I say

Living to love could remind you

You can’t know — follow

What I say to you take with you today The pressure it brings alone alive to know What I say to you take with you today You can’t take the pain To live to know

You can’t fake Everything that reminds you How you feel Time will tell what’s inside you

You can’t know — follow

~ by Fionnlagh on July 17, 2015.

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