20th Anniversary of No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom [♬]

20 years ago today (Oct. 10, 1995), No Doubt released their third studio album Tragic Kingdom. I love everything about No Doubt. Their story is interesting and quite special, you can read a good article about it here >billboard.com/no-doubt<

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

Here is what guitarist Thomas Dumont had to say about the band’s not so tragic journey:

“At the time we were just a bunch of college friends doing what we loved, being in a band together, making songs, recording them, playing shows. Looking back, I remember the fun and the camaraderie, the energy and the friendship. For sure there were struggles as well, everything was not perfect. But what strikes me is that some magic, in the form of music, came out of the tragic. Adrian, Tony, Gwen, and I each put all of ourselves into that album. We crafted the sound of it together, we infused the music with our spirit, and Gwen discovered her own voice as a lyricist. Gwen’s brother Eric left the band before TK was released, but his contributions to both the band and album were significant as well. Our group effort manifested itself in the songs, which really connected with people & resonated around the world, and because of that our lives were forever changed. The whirlwind of world-touring and extensive promoting of Tragic Kingdom went on for two and a half years, and at the end of it we emerged, not only rock stars, but as men and women.” ~ Tom Dumont

~ by Fionnlagh on October 10, 2015.

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