Carpe Noctem [F]

Finding Jasmine on stage brought a smile to my face and a warmth through my body, like a thermal spring erupting from the earth through unused and forgotten channels.


I had never seen her without her glasses. I had never seen her perform. I had never seen anyone look so cool and confident before. Last night was an affirmation of all that I had come to believe — Jasmine is a talented babe. Kindhearted too for befriending a lonesome fool like me. Beautiful bathed in all colours of light. In nightmare she still shone like a star.

Jasmine moved like a blade of grass in an ocean breeze, and then with fingers splayed like talons she would move with a sharper ferocity, locking eyes with someone in the dark, whom at that moment I wished to be.

Every passion and desire, Let your visions be outrageous” sung in time to the flex of her body, no sooner than my heart became hot as embers burning within my chest. A voyeur in seconds, transfixed, I wished shamelessly to be forever. She was so incredibly hot, and so was I. A fleeting sensation that must surely carry on if shared, or burn the soul if ignored or fought. I would gladly ignite but not alone as I am and certainly not shared among others, foolish me. If I remain in the dark as I am, who will be the one she looks for up there? A star like, her? I genuinely wish.

~ by Fionnlagh on October 8, 2016.

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