Laser Harp [♬] [DIY]

Take a great string instrument, add lasers, win. One step closer to Futurama’s holophonor:

These aren’t just any old microcontroller-generated sounds. Rather than simply generating a tone or controlling a synthesizer, the PIC32 uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to model the vibration of a plucked string. The result is very realistic, with all the harmonics you’d expect to hear from a plucked string. [Alex] does a decent job putting the harp through its paces in the video above. […]

Or screw the harp all together and become a one man entertainment machine:

Yeeeaaaah, fuck ancient instruments 。゚(˵¯̴͒ᗨ¯̴͒˵)゚。 If that isn’t extra, I don’t know what is.

~ by Fionnlagh on January 4, 2019.

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