Untannable [F]

Last weekend I worked at a sold out festival in Taupo. Left Auckland at 4:30am for the long road-trip southbound to arrive before 8AM. First thing, everyone had to lend a hand at the ticket lanes. It was painful asking people to tip out their bottles of water. But them the breaks. No trouble makers among them, just confusion for those who forwent reading the official rules. I was told it was a rhythm-and-vines type music festival, but the majority of festival-goers were middle aged and elderly folks, alluding to the type of music they came to experience live in their home town.

Super friendly crowd for friendly (unambitious) music. I was given an event specific t-shirt to wear that was one size too big for me, so naturally I tucked it in and I swear my butt got more attention than my face and authoritative demeanor. Alcohol was available for purchase so that may have been a contributing factor as the day got on. Plenty of uninvited hugs from the prettier booze-hounds among them.

The open-air amphitheatre was great and looked crazy packed. The backdrop was of the Waikato River and the way the park stretched uphill blew my mind. The weather was fantastic as well, not like the heatwave we’re experiencing at the moment, although a few people did pass-out on the day who needed medical attention.

Everyone was singing along by the end of the festival when the headline act started playing their well-known hits. Pretty neat vibe.

It was a simple, well organised event with great acoustics. Save for the unfamiliar glances of attention, I enjoyed my (getting paid to be there) time there.

In semi-unrelated news and I’m not gonna try make this segue any more logical than that; have you seen Fyre yet?

I’m surprised no one has used the word “pyre” in some clickbait headline title yet.

~ by Fionnlagh on January 31, 2019.

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