Car Accident #2 [F]

Someone smacked into the side of my car the day before yesterday! I feel I have been carrying the frustration of that event ever since and I don’t know how to release it.

Main road, city bound, I had right of way, when an old man came out of a side-street and ‘casually’ drove into the backside of my car. I was SO angry I pounded a fist on the steering-wheel a couple while chanting the f-word half-a-dozen times. …AARGH!!!

His plastic piece of shit bumper got wrecked. Dopey drongo driver! It is also sort of a miracle really — the body of my car was unscathed. It could have been much worse, mind you, it could have just as easily not have happened at all had he been a competent motorist. He hit my back wheel, I made a sharp turn, accelerated, and parked on the side of the road. The wheel is stained with his paint job and the tire skirting has a few paint stripped scratches, nothing major (from the looks of it at least).

I have had a day to mull on it and now I am thinking of texting this guy and telling him not to bother with insurance and paying for my damages (thinking I should think on that another day though).

Letting this guy off the hook is not a philanthropist move (he wouldn’t have to stress anymore), and more of an economical one (I don’t want anyone near my car, not over marks I can tolerate and repair myself). …Idk. Apparently this guy’s dad built bridges in Papua New Guinea before the Asia–Pacific War. He was chatty. Nerves maybe… *sigh* (overwhelming-disappoint-in-others-and-my-unintended-relation-in-their-lives thoughts).

Fun fact: Car Accident #1 — The first time I was in a very similar incident, happened in my last car, and it was with an off duty police officer. That’s right, dopey drongo cop driving a Suzuki Swift (of all vehicles) also hit my backside. I’m just a mobile, serial rear-endee, frustrating story magnet!!

I am also mostly courage and attitude, so this is the car I have to drive:

Mazada RX-8 is a Japan designed car with a German engineered rotary engine. My model is a Japan import and not only that, it is a special leather interior edition made with a special colorant called Stormy Blue Mica — dark blue that sparkles under direct sunlight (have a history of collecting/purchasing shiny things).  Plus, how many cars have their own memes:

~ by Fionnlagh on July 6, 2019.

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