Springtime Carnivore — “Sun Went Black” [♬]

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Footage compiled from a bunch of brilliant vintage monster flicks:

Video edited by David Dean Burkhart.


Pixelord — “Rescue Cyber Party” [music video]

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♩ ♫ 7(^-^7) ♪ ┗(`o´)┓ ♪ (´〜^o^)〜 GRAB YOUR FRIENDS

Animation by Alexandre Louvenaz facebook.com/alexandre.louvenaz and alexandre-louvenaz.com / Music by Pixelord pixelord.ru and facebook.com/pixelord / Production Wemotion wemotion.net / For more from King Deluxe visit kingdeluxe.ca.

pixel party

pixel party res cyb

pixel party res cybe


Man And Woman — Every Day, The Moving Figures in This Sculpture Kiss and Pass Each Other

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The 1937 Azerbaijani novel Ali and Ninotells the story of a Muslim man and a Christian woman in the city of Baku who fall in love. Their cultures will not tolerate such a relationship and they are torn asunder. This enormous sculpture in Batumi, Georgia by Tamara Kvesitadze tells their story. Every evening at 7 o’clock, the two lovers approach, kiss, then pass right through each other:

Music by JR Tundra – “Together With You”

photo from @anasty44.

Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Performed With a Traditional Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto [♬]

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Michael Jackson and producer Quincy Jones created some of the most timeless and iconic music of any generation, so it is understandable if someone was to guffaw at the idea of an acoustic cover version with traditional Japanese instruments sounding as good, but it does. This is one of the best cover tracks I have ever heard.

Professional shakuhachi (bamboo flute) player Yoshimi Tsujimoto is accompanied by two talented koto players, Erina Ito and Yuko Watanabe on the 17-string koto, for a truly unique rendition of Michael Jackson’s 1987 classic Smooth Criminal, with a traditional Japanese flair:

SHAKUHACHI Yoshimi Tsujimoto / KOTO Erina Ito / JUSHICHIGEN Yuko Watanabe

This isn’t Yoshimi’s first time performing with Erina—in fact, they actually play together as a pair in a group called 523 ~Koibumi~, which they formed during their university days.

523 Koibumi

For comparison, here is the original music video for Smooth Criminal (1987):

Anime & Game Character Inspired Pancake Art

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Mmm pancakes, surely half the fun in having them is in the making and decoration of them — those warm cushions of deliciousness!! It is nice knowing that there are others who also share this view, like those working in Japan’s La Ricetta, an Italian restaurant located in the city of Zama in Kanagawa, the prefecture bordering Tokyo to the south, where the pancakes come pre-decorated with images of Pokémon, Mario, and dozens of other anime and video game characters.

At 800 yen (US$6.70) it comes with a scoop of gelato on the side, still allowing customers the opportunity to add their own desired condiment, splat in the middle of all that art.

Anime Pancake Art

Talented culinary expert Keesuke Inagaki of Kanagawa’s “La Ricetta Ristorante Pizzeria” has demonstrated a rather unique form of artistry, one which involves shaping anime characters out of fluffy pancakes — a tasteful form of art where even failure can at least ensure that the artist will not be a starving one.

Anime Pancake Art - 5

Anime Pancake Art - 6

Anime Pancake Art - 7

As long as there is enough pancake to sink my teeth into, I am happy with whatever shape and form it takes.


^ It is a universal law that things will get real if there is an odd distribution of pancakes.

“Embroidered Zoetrope” by Elliot Schultz

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Australian animator and digital artist, Elliot Schultz, embroidered discs with animated sequences that can be played on standard turntables. “Embroidered Zoetrope” was Schultz’s final art school project when he graduated from ANU School of Art back in 2013. His project encourages viewers to watch and engage with animation physically:

“Inspired by the work of Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker, I aimed to guide my production process indirectly through the limitations afforded by alternative media. Their invention, the pin screen, was used as the sole medium in the production of six short films, and shaped the outcome of their work. In response, I have designed and embroidered animated sequences onto discs, similar to the Phenakistokope, Zoopraxiscope and Stamfer Disc layouts. This repurposing of media introduced strict parameters, namely spatial, tonal and temporal, and has greatly informed all stages of my process.” ~ Elliot Schultz

‘Sunburn’ Photographs by Thomas Maileander

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French artist, Thomas Mailaender, applied 23 old photographic negatives from the Archive of Modern Conflict collection, onto the skin of his volunteer models using a UV lamp to create a sunburn effect. Having substituted human skin for photosensitive paper, he then photographed the fleeting imprints before they disappeared. The results have been compiled into a book called “Illustrated People” which can be seen here:


I like that these are produced through a person’s natural skin tones, and the fact that they are photographic as opposed to just graphic, and fade, meaning they don’t last, adds a special charm to them too I suppose. Would be a nightmare of a thing if sunburns never healed away, am I right.


Grades “King” [music video]

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Love it! A little girl living out her superhero fantasies goes on a wild journey through the haunted halls of her school and beyond:

Dancer Laika Takasu as little girl. Directed by Taichi Kimura, with animations by Rapparu. Producer Takuma Hiramatsu / DOP Kohou Kotake / 1st AD Ryosuke Asano / 2nd AD Anam Sekiguchi / Choreographer Sayuki Kobayashi / Make up Rie Furuya / Runner Takumi Kidokou.



Flight Facilities “Down To Earth” feat. Sam Rockwell [music video]

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How I feel almost all day everyday. Dance like nobody is watching:

Andy Stott “Faith In Strangers” [♬]

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Footage is from the short films “Grim” (1985) “Ghost” (1984) and “Thunder” (1982) by Takashi Ito.

Creative Photo Collages Pair Athletes in Action with Classical Art Sculptures by Jens Ullrich

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These are amazing and I love them much. Such an accurate and fitting juxtaposition, marrying sport athletes with the defined physique of classical, fine art marble statues:

jens_ullrich_flieger_10_20140427_1562793091jens_ullrich_flieger_8_20140427_1400672351jens_ullrich_flieger_12_20140427_1098878207jens_ullrich_flieger_18_20140427_1557945085jens_ullrich_flieger_3_20140427_1772461203 jens_ullrich_flieger_4_20140427_1637635733 jens_ullrich_flieger_9_20140427_2016519216 jens_ullrich_flieger_11_20140427_1467327973 jens_ullrich_flieger_13_20140427_1525868552 jens_ullrich_flieger_15_20140427_1818253687

jens_ullrich_flieger_19_20140427_1993760668 jens_ullrich_flieger_17_20140427_1423518244 jens_ullrich_flieger_20_20140427_1918945658

[Jens Ullrich’s Website / PDF Article]

The Diatomist — a Fascinating Look at the Aesthetic Beauty of the Microscopic World

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Meet Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement. Klaus Kemp, you are my new favourite person in the world. I find this incredibly life affirming for some reason; incomprehensible geometric organisms to the naked eye I otherwise would not have known about, that are as complex in their simplicity and just as mysterious as the wonders of our expansive non-declarative universe! And aren’t diatoms just the prettiest:

Soundtrack by: Ryuichi Sakamoto “Grasshoppers” / Bernard Herrmann “Brave New World” / Cults Percussion Ensemble “Circles”.


Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification. The best of these arrangements are stunning technical feats that reveal the hidden grandeur of some of the smallest organisms on Earth. Klaus Kemp has devoted his entire life to understanding and perfecting diatom arrangement and he is now acknowledged as the last great practitioner of this beautiful combination of art and science. THE DIATOMIST showcases his incredible work:

Gustave Doré. L’imaginaire au pouvoir

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Extraordinary French artist, Gustave Doré and his detailed illustrations of visceral surreality will always find ways of reintroducing themselves time and again to an imagination eager world; such is the nature of a ‘legacy’ — an endless source of inspiration and the closest thing to immortality anyone can hope to achieve.

death horses gustave dore 1600x1000 wallpaper_www.wallfox_net_25

This promotional trailer for an art exhibition at the Musée National d’Art Moderne (National Museum of Modern Art) in Paris, is a terrific example of that legacy, creatively brought to life through the manifestation of stop-motion:

Music by Ödland “The Golden Mountain”

Here’s a brief 2minute documentary description of illustrator Gustave Doré, who the narrator describes as being; “the Steven Spielberg of his time”:

Experience the incredible angelic beings drawn by this celebrated 19th-century French artist.

The amount of detailing put into these vast scenarios of the imagination and anatomically correct (and incorrect) beings are so good and incomprehensibly epic, I really can’t imagine anyone ever emulating Gustave Doré’s level of proficiency; let alone imaging him working on them! Each one must have been incredibly time-consuming. I would love to own a book of Doré’s masterpieces; the computer screen is simply not good enough.

Research the man; you won’t be disappointed.

ベジタブル・ウェポン / Portraits of Women with Vegetable Weapons by Tsuyoshi Ozawa

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A random Tumblr image I thought a bit odd, got me on a search to find if there were more of the same — there was.

Saury fish ball hot pot Tokyo, 2001

Saury fish ball hot pot, Tokyo,  2001

Poking fun at the stupidity of war and violence; Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s ‘Vegetable Weapons’ series began in 2001. Since then, he has traveled around the world taking photographs of women holding “weapons” fashioned from the ingredients needed to make an actual hot-pot dish, chosen by the local women who serve as the models:

(Simmered Vegetables) Fukushima, 2011

(Simmered Vegetables), Fukushima, 2011

After being photographed, the ‘vegetable weapons’ are dismantled and the ingredients tossed into a cooking pot. The project participants then share and enjoy the meal together.

Sounds like the perfect project — Getting paid to exhibit the work that you’ve eaten!

Apparently there is an App or digital cookbook of the recipes that were made, unfortunately all I could find of that was the video above ^

Snowflakes: Phenomenal Pieces of Frozen Molecule Art

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Snowflakes are a combination of chemistry and nature’s persuasion culminating in a fleeting array of beauty that can only be described as serendipitous. There’s absolutely no reason why snowflakes have to look so pretty, but they just gosh darn are!

Alexey Kljatov_12

Could you believe that an outdated, consumer model camera and a few strips of gaffer tape could be converted into a high-definition macro capturing tool powerful enough it’d make the Hubble telescope blush in envy? Lucky for the skeptics, Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has photographic evidence of how this inexpensive DIY feat can be done. Kljatov’s technique; he removed a 44M-5 Helios lens from an ancient Russian Zenit camera and attached it backwards to a (2010 model I think) Canon Powershot A650:

Here are the stunning results — see more @ Alexey Kljatov flickr page (ChaoticMind75):

How do water molecules naturally form to become teeny tiny flakes of frozen geometric shapes? If only I could find a short, informative video on the process. …Found:

Massive Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro, host to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). Recycled materials to art is always ingenuitive. Quite the eye catching sentiment.

See more: Rio+20 Flicker set


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In the world of Altered Carbon, death is trivial — human minds are digitzed and downloaded from body to body, meaning that those who pass only pass through, not on.

Based on the award-winning novel by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon takes place in a future where the human mind can now be digitized and downloaded into a “cortical stack” and placed into new bodies, called sleeves. Envoy soldier Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), is brought back to life centuries later to investigate the attempted murder of Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy), the wealthiest man on Earth. As the investigation progresses, Kovacs comes to learn that his past isn’t nearly as buried as he thought.

Altered Carbon debuts on Netflix February 2, 2018.

Forgotten Scheduled Posts [F]

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SHIT!!! Forgot about a scheduled post I had written 5 years ago (Transmitted Me [F]) and I just read it and I am fucking cringing. I don’t remember what state I was in but it seemed honest. Articulate. I liked it (and myself for writing it), up until the point where I started to mention names, and for predicting my own year of death — ahhhhhh cringe, Finn. It’s funny because it was my birthday yesterday and I suppose I truly believed I would not be happy and strong enough to go on after I reach the age I am at. So yeah, eat that younger version of myself! (I have rescheduled that post to reappear in 2021 though lol). I don’t think I can write that vulnerable again, about that specific topic (for those of you who have the email version—fuuuccckkkk—please don’t ever bring it up). I will not edit it or delete the post outright because it came from a place of truth and it deserves to be read, someday, plus looming death thoughts still ruminate somewhere in the back of the dome.

Birthday Happiness Without Cake [F]

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Today is my birthday (thank you). I decided to spend it at work of all places, because it was a co-worker’s last day there — someone lovely who can make me laugh. To have spent the day anywhere else would have been a less than beneficial use of my time. I might never see her again, you know (she leaves for Japan on Tuesday). NO ONE was meant to know it was my birthday either, but word got out (thanks Maddy) and I had to endure the well wishes from every staff member working the morning and afternoon shifts. I have never been one for attention, truly, and I can say with complete certainty that for years only five people have known when my birthday is. I really am that private and OK with it. But today was surprisingly alright. Stoicism losing out to the normality of people’s kindness, and for that on this auspicious date, I am grateful for my weakness and flaws (celebrating growing ain’t so bad). I never expect anyone to understand my need/predisposition to be reserved, not even family, but I know there has got to be a reason for it, for my personality. Maybe I could be someone’s lovely co-worker one day, hehe.

26 November; today I worked, said farewell to a new friend, and watched the first quarter Moon set over Manukau Harbour as warm tears rolled down cold cheeks. If I was a painter it would have been a moment to capture. The soft glow of diffused moon shine behind misty clouds. Hardly an eventful day to someone with a healthy social life, to be sure. But for a guy like me, this may just have been the most significant birthday I have experienced since my childhood days. Still reserved, of course, but… I fall asleep tonight, hopeful.

Stellar* [throwback] [♬]

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While walking along Ponsonby Road during my break today, I came across a jewellery store called Boh Runga. I went inside, said hi to the women sitting behind the counter and her friend, then told her how much I loved her band, Stellar*. Boh Runga, older sister of acclaimed recording artist Bic Runga, had a pop/rock band in the 90’s that turned out some neat hits. I had no idea Boh has been making jewellery now for 10 years. You can view her range here — https://bohrunga.com

And here are those sweet, throwback Kiwi tunes (you’re welcome 😉):

We sure turnout some great singer-songwriters here in New Zealand. I only wish these were higher quality uploads.

Kill the Lights by Darren Pearson

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Visit dariustwin.com to purchase paintings and see more light-art projects.

Halloween Movie Night Pick: 976-EVIL (1988)

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I am not big on scary movies, there are of course exceptions and I do make an effort to watch some during this hallowed season of the year. So when I learnt about 976-EVIL I had to dial it in:

It stars that quirky kid who was in the classic FRIGHT NIGHT (1985), Stephen Geoffreys, and it is the title to one of my all time favourite Deftones songs of the same name:

A Perfect Circle — “The Doomed” [♬]

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New Single “The Doomed” Available Now: http://smarturl.it/TheDoomed / Website: https://www.aperfectcircle.com/ / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aperfectcircle/ / Twitter: https://twitter.com/aperfectcircle / Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aperfectcircle/


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My local comic book store holds private screenings for all the superhero movies that come out, and THOR: RAGNAROK is going to go off of course because it was directed by a Kiwi guy. These screenings have become somewhat of a ritual with me and my brother. I keep asking him if he wants to invite his mates but he prefers it just us, with a large bucket of popcorn, jelly snakes and maybe an ice-cream.

“The clock’s run out, time’s up, over—blaow!” A New Zealand Political Party Has to Pay Eminem £300,000

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Back in 2014 a New Zealand political party had a TV spot that featured music that heavily resembled Eminem’s “Lose yourself”. I suppose they wanted to entice the youth voters or establish themselves as some kind of underdogs, but the campaign backfired. Here is that advert:

A court found that a “Lose Yourself”-inspired song they used – literally called “Eminem Esque” breached his copyright.

It’s been a tough week for the New Zealand National party. First they lost the national election to the Labour Party and earlier today a New Zealand court found them guilty of ripping off Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

New Zealand’s high court ruled that the National party’s use of a track titled “Eminem Esque” during the 2014 election campaign was “sufficiently similar” to the Detroit rapper’s original song that it impinged on copyright. The court awarded Eminem’s publisher NZ $600,000 (~£314,000) in compensation.

Though the ruling caps off a dark week for the National Party, we have to thank them for being responsible for the bizarre beauty of a New Zealand court listening to “Lose Yourself”:


Jessie Ware “Alone” [music video]

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Pre-order Glasshouse now: https://JessieWare.lnk.to/GlasshouseID


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Watched BLADE RUNNER 2049 last night with a friend and it was so fucking long!! 2h 43m long to be exact. I cannot say whether I thought it was long because the beats came late or whether it was because it had me scoffing at certain character dynamics and some of the ideas featured on-screen. As far as sequels are concerned — especially in this entertainment climate of reboots and remakes — BLADE RUNNER 2049 is near perfect.

Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling for real while shooting a scene in Blade Runner 2049.

Forget the action packed trailer however because this narrative is a slow burn (a noir mystery about a missing child and the existential crisis the case triggers in its investigating agent).

[What follows is just me ranting, cause I do that, plus spoilers] The ambiance was 100% faithful to the original film’s vision, save for the absence of ethnicity and lame holograms, I must say however. They were either blatantly promoting a real-world brand name or showing someone in performance like a dancing ballerina or a singing Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Political correctness on show with no space for creativity or (any) cultural diversity as there was in the first film. This to me just painted BLADE RUNNER 2049’s world (the future) as being really uninspired and boring. What ever happened to the visual artists or innovative advertisers of the future, and surely people would still do things like extreme sports or have festivals and local gigs. But nooooo, what we are supposedly treated to are cool, advance holograms that are unambiguous and mainstream which is ultimately ineffective and nonsensical world-building, suffice it to say that yeah the future will probably be OK with nudity and have proximity sensitive holograms. Titillating ideas for those not familiar with sci-fi, I suppose. But who, what type of people were those lame holograms for? BLADE RUNNER 2049 is an intelligent tale to be sure but for this tiny subliminal gripe (not showing enough humanity) it loses recommendation points from me. Continue reading ‘BLADE RUNNERING TIME 2:0493 [F]’

Sonoma Wildfire Burns in Hollowed Out Tree

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Sonoma resident Matthew McDermott captures video of a tree being hollowed out by wildfire in Schellville, California, October 9. McDermott was driving in Schellville where he and his friend Trevor Bach spotted the fire and pulled over to have a closer look. Sonoma County was affected by “The Tubbs Fire” as it spread from Napa County on Sunday night, October 8. By Wednesday morning, the fire, one of more than a dozen in northern California, had spread to 28,000 acres. With thousands of structure threatened, dozens of neighborhoods have been evacuated. Tubbs has already destroyed 550 homes and 21 businesses. [Credit: Matthew McDermott via Storyful]