Staying Home Tonight on NYE? Been There :)

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The Smashing Pumpkins — “Thirty-Three”

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The music video for “Thirty-Three”, directed by Billy Corgan and then-girlfriend Yelena Yemchuk, is a series of images shot in stop-motion, ending with a re-enactment of the Mellon Collie album cover.

Because the group’s videos so often avoid the literal interpretation of lyrics, the video for “Thirty-Three” was created with images closely related to the words of the song, as an intentional stylistic departure.

Life In A Different Light: Under The Microscope

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Martin Kristiansen of My Microscopic World used a polarized light source, a lab microscope, and an iPhone to capture these incredibly detailed, colorful, and otherworldly images of insect larvae, isopods, and tiny crustaceans:

A few weeks ago, I modified my microscope to be able to use polarized light to illuminate my samples. This gives some incredibly beautiful and alien-like footage, so I of course made a video with this technique. All footage in this video is shoot on an iPhone mounted on my microscope with a LabCam adapter. [More images: Instagram]

Leaf Origami by Japanese Nature Artist @Kusabanaasobi

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Japanese nature artist Kusabanaasobi, which means “plant play” in Japanese, creates adorable origami creatures out of leaves, grass, flowers, acorns and peanut shells.

“Keep an eye on the plants on the roads and parks where you are walking. Discover the smell, texture, and interesting shapes of plants that you did not usually notice. Let’s get along with nature through “Kusana Play.” ~ いのり

The artist also has a book about “Flower Play” that provides helpful tutorials showing how she folds the leaves in order to get such remarkable results. Visit for more.

Photos of Japan’s Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons by Keiichiro Yasugi

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Japan and cosplay go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that every year the gigantic Halloween celebration in Shibuya yields a mass of creative costumers. An often overlooked celebration in Kyoto, however, offers a just as impressive—and possibly more terrifying—assembly of costumes.

On the third Saturday of every October, Kyoto plays host to a recreation of the Hyakki Yagyō (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons), where a massive swarm of Japanese ghouls and monsters are unleashed in pandemonium.

To recreate the legendary event of yokai invading the human world, Kyoto’s Taishogun Shopping Street (which already has dozens of yokai-themed shops and spooky sculptures) welcomes an event called the “Yokai Parade”, where hundreds of people dress up in amazing costumes based off of ghastly creatures from Japanese folklore.

Photographer Keiichiro Yasugi took some excellent pictures of the frightful night and showcased them on Twitter:

Photographer Keiichiro Yasugi: /

HAZBIN HOTEL (contains coarse language)

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Be warned, this cartoon is absolutely NOT for kids and is
aimed at older audiences. Badwords and Innuendo galore!!

Hazbin Hotel is the story of Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. She opens a hotel in hopes that patients will be “checking out” into Heaven.


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Makes me feel pretty good too bro 😛

Death Stranding Advert with Rick and Morty

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DARK EMPIRE: The Destiny of a Jedi [fan film]

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The first episode of animator Ian Wilkins‘ Star Wars fan series is here. Many years after the fall of Vader and the battle of Endor, members of the Rebel Alliance must once again defend against the Empire as they strengthen against the New Republic:

Dark Empire is a Star Wars comic book metaseries produced by Dark Horse Comics. It consists of a six-issue limited series written by Tom Veitch and drawn by Cam Kennedy.

Killing Joke – “Love Like Blood” [throwback]

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No More Blog…Space!! [F]

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I have run out of storage space to upload images! 3GB worth of uploads from 2008~2019 (RIP) I think is a pretty good damn fine run.

So, is now a good time for me to move on from this blog?

For an extra annual fee of $8.00, I can bump the maximum upload space to 13GB, and continue the longevity of this digital footprint of randomness, my sanctuary of procrastination, this politics and pornography free collection zone of whatever.

However, could my time be better served not in front of a screen? I am hesitant to make a decision. Not sure why that is. Something inside just needs to be communicated. Generosity, I feel, and a desire to be in touch with words and ideas as often as possible.

Was/is Dark in the Boy my bubble of creative gestation, or a crutch, stifling my creative thoughts and inner truth? …Does it sound/read crazy if I think I’m called upon to create something great? Will a random blog get in the way of that belief in myself? And is all of this simply TMI??? 🤔

*sigh* little hiccups in life. I’m a big picture kinda guy but these little bumps and scratches along the way shut my brain down, for real. Like, what if I have the makings for a bombass sandwich but have run out of butter?! That’s a transitional moment of panic for me OK!

…I’m thinking I should just pay the measly $8 and shut the front door huh.

Jewels in the Night Sea by Photographer Ryo Minemizu

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I do not think I am allowed to post these images online, but I mean, I am a rebel 😎 and besides, the world must know of life’s unfathomable beauties!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Japanese marine life photographer Ryo Minemizu focuses his lens on some of the tiniest and most abundant life forms in our oceans. His series Phenomenons explores the diverse beauty and extravagant colors of plankton, and is shot amongst the dark waters of the Osezaki sea near Mount Fuji and other coasts around Japan, the Philippines and Maldives.

To capture the small creatures Minemizu sets his shutter speed to just a fraction of a second, while ensuring that his own movements don’t disturb the surrounding organisms.

“Plankton symbolize how precious life is by their tiny existence,” he explains. “I wanted other people to see them as they are in the sea, so it was my motivation from the beginning to shoot plankton underwater, which is quite a challenge. Most plankton are small, and their movements are hard to predict.”

Tornaria larva of acorn worms (Krohn stage) April 2016 Palau

Eudoxid of Enneagonum hyalinum. Eudoxid is sexual reproduction stage.

It’s a marine benthos, inhabiting sand or under stone. Adults are long and slender, grotesque. However, some larvae are beautiful like this picture, and they are floating.

March, 2012 Yakushima Kagoshima, Japan.

Amazing! I’m all about science fiction, but whenever there is a popular article about anything space related I scoff, because here on Earth is where the real mysteries of unknown life lie swim.

You can see more of Minemizu’s underwater photography on Instagram and Twitter, with prints from his Phenomenons series available in his online shop 🐟🐟🐟