The Smashing Pumpkins — “Thirty-Three”

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The music video for “Thirty-Three”, directed by Billy Corgan and then-girlfriend Yelena Yemchuk, is a series of images shot in stop-motion, ending with a re-enactment of the Mellon Collie album cover.

Because the group’s videos so often avoid the literal interpretation of lyrics, the video for “Thirty-Three” was created with images closely related to the words of the song, as an intentional stylistic departure.

Com Truise – “Ultrafiche of You” [music video]

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Inspired by the evocative, haunting atmospheres of the track and the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman and Krzysztof Kieślowski:

Directed by Gianluca Minucci / Talent Kseniia Dubovitz Dubovitskaia / Produced by Liana Rae Perez, Catherine Dewar / Prod. Company Mad Dogs Film / DoP Jeremy Kerr / Editor Ian Degrassi / Colorist Mariateresa Ventrella / Costume Designer Lenka Padysakova / Prod. Designer Mike Maggiano […]

I am glad the makers gave credit to their inspirations, as I can definitely see Andrei Tarkovsky’s influence. There is something rich and incomparable about the way in which Tarkovsky framed and captured environments, imbuing them with metaphysical properties that seem to defy time and reason.

Andrei Tarkovsky; so good.

Weval — “Someday” [music video]

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Watch this mesmerizing music video if you like photography, architecture, geometry, juxtapositions, stop-motion animation, and/or just kick’n tunes in general:

Amazing editing work!

Filmmaker Páraic McGloughlin’s abstract music video serves as the perfect complement to the driving rhythm and headphone-worthy sounds of Weval’s track Someday. The imagery and sounds reflect the fragility of our planet, and humanity’s desire to hold on.

“Last year Weval approached me with the idea of developing a music video for ‘Someday’. Upon listening to the track ,which I loved, I had ideas of what I thought would fit. We aimed at creating an abstract journey with a sense of ambiguity holding underlying core concepts […] super happy to put images behind their amazing sounds!”

Here is another crazy music video by Páraic McGloughlin:

LOVE IS LOVE [animation]

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A collaborative animation with 120 artists, illustrators and animators from around the world contributed to the creation of “Love is Love,” a provocative animation project celebrating the beauty of unconditional love.

Directed by Heckler’s senior art director Kyra Bartley, produced by Aborah Buick, music by Johnny Mackay. / Full list of contributing artists — [ /]

Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016 [WTF]

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YouTuber, Mike Diva, makes some pretty weird and hyper surreal content, but his Trump parody of an eccentric Japanese commercial takes the sparkly rainbow sprinkled cake:

“Make Anime Great Again” [screen caps]

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LIVE on CNN: Someone at a Trump rally with a “Make Anime Great Again” sign…

America needs a return to good ol’ Japanimation, perhaps

But what about handwriting? Lol. Apparently the meme has been around for much of the election cycle but this is the most high-profile airing it’s gotten so far. And come to think of it, I do remember Donald Trump expressing his love for anime at a recent rally:

Goutte d’Or [stop-motion animation]

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Christophe Peladan’s amazing and beautiful stop motion film from 2013 As a pirate enters the Kingdom of the Dead he’s met with the beautiful Queen. He instantly falls in love, but love it not always easy…

A co-production between Happy Flyfish Production ApS (Denmark) and ExFool’s Production (France) / Produced with the support from The Animation Workshop, The West Danish Film Fund, The Film Workshop, Open Workshop, The Danish Animation Society ANIS, Viborg Council and more. []

“IT’S A MASTERPIECE!” ~ Børge Ring (Oscar® winning film director)

~ Barry Purves (Oscar® nominated film director)

~ Animation Jury at Odense Intl’ Film Festival, 2013


Jack and Eliza — “Quarter Past The Hour” [♬]

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Ah the reciprocal torment of wanting to be loved — This guy has got it bad:

Footage is from the 1959 French New Wave film “Les Cousins,” directed by Claude Chabrol. / Quarter Past The Hour by “Jack + Eliza” from the album “Gentle Warnings.” / Video edited by David Dean Burkhart.

Ghost Loft “Seconds” [♬]

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Baby I love you,
Baby love, baby love,
Baby I love you, baby I love you,
Baby love, baby love.

Be there in seconds flat
Just tell me where you at
Everywhere you want to go
I’ve been there before.

That means he don’t need to know
No one will ever know
No one will have to know.

Give me a second chance
Just let go of the past
We’ve been through the high and low
Seen the ebb and flow.

That means he don’t need to know
No one will ever know
No one will have to know.

Baby I love you,
Baby love, baby love,
Baby I love you, baby I love you,
Baby love, baby love.

Cinnamon Chasers “Luv Deluxe” [music video]

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This is one of my favourite tracks ever — Watch this crazy awesome love story unfold from a first person perspective:

**Shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II w/ a custom face mounted rig — Canon Lenses used: 14mm (f2.8) & 24mm (f1.4)**

Luv Deluxe by Cinnamon Chasers / Album: A Million Miles From Home / Director: Saman Keshavarz ( / Producer: Francis Pollara / Associate Producer: Nate Eggert / Cinematographer: Justin Gurnari / Editor: Nate Tam / Actress: Darcy Ripley (  / © Modus Records / Koch Entertainment 2009

c i n n a m o n c h a s e r s . c o m

Reminds me of falling in love (the track does anyway)

😂 How to Report the (Fake) News by Charlie Brooker

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Charlie Brooker is a journalist and comedian. In this video, he pokes fun at the former profession by illustrating how television news is structured according to a standardized style that tries to impress the viewer without necessarily being informative.

🥳 Por Trump [♬]

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First allow me to preface by saying that I am not an eligible voter in the 2020 United States Presidential election — what I am however is a stickler for catchy party tunes:

I’m DarkInTheBoy and I approve this message, puto

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Back to the Future Too [fan film]

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With the world on lockdown, a Back to the Future fan recruited fellow fans from around the world to help create a remake of Back to the Future Part II, one scene at a time. In the end, over 300 people from 9 countries contributed to the charming and amusing film, which includes live action, animation, and puppetry:


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A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards (racecar, madam, nurses run), and today’s date happens to be one and a special one at that.

02/02/2020 is the only one of its kind this century making it a very rare eight-digit palindrome.

The previous eight-digit palindrome like this was 11/11/1111, 909 years ago. We’ll only have to wait another 101 years for 12/12/2121, but the next one after that comes on March 3, 3030.

Darn it I wont be alive to see the next one. Considering that the record for the longest human lifespan is that of Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997), who lived to age 122 years, 164 days, nah there’s no way. Plus I think men die younger than women. Plus I’d be so old, I probably wouldn’t a give a shit about no date. I’d be way too busy dreaming of sipping piña coladas with Kim Novak, oh feet fail me now!

Here’s Weird Al Yankovic with a song written completely with palindromes in the style of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

Staying Home Tonight on NYE? Been There :)

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— or —

Life In A Different Light: Under The Microscope

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Martin Kristiansen of My Microscopic World used a polarized light source, a lab microscope, and an iPhone to capture these incredibly detailed, colorful, and otherworldly images of insect larvae, isopods, and tiny crustaceans:

A few weeks ago, I modified my microscope to be able to use polarized light to illuminate my samples. This gives some incredibly beautiful and alien-like footage, so I of course made a video with this technique. All footage in this video is shoot on an iPhone mounted on my microscope with a LabCam adapter. [More images: Instagram]

Leaf Origami by Japanese Nature Artist @Kusabanaasobi

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Japanese nature artist Kusabanaasobi, which means “plant play” in Japanese, creates adorable origami creatures out of leaves, grass, flowers, acorns and peanut shells.

“Keep an eye on the plants on the roads and parks where you are walking. Discover the smell, texture, and interesting shapes of plants that you did not usually notice. Let’s get along with nature through “Kusana Play.” ~ いのり

The artist also has a book about “Flower Play” that provides helpful tutorials showing how she folds the leaves in order to get such remarkable results. Visit for more.

Photos of Japan’s Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons by Keiichiro Yasugi

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Japan and cosplay go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that every year the gigantic Halloween celebration in Shibuya yields a mass of creative costumers. An often overlooked celebration in Kyoto, however, offers a just as impressive—and possibly more terrifying—assembly of costumes.

On the third Saturday of every October, Kyoto plays host to a recreation of the Hyakki Yagyō (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons), where a massive swarm of Japanese ghouls and monsters are unleashed in pandemonium.

To recreate the legendary event of yokai invading the human world, Kyoto’s Taishogun Shopping Street (which already has dozens of yokai-themed shops and spooky sculptures) welcomes an event called the “Yokai Parade”, where hundreds of people dress up in amazing costumes based off of ghastly creatures from Japanese folklore.

Photographer Keiichiro Yasugi took some excellent pictures of the frightful night and showcased them on Twitter:

Photographer Keiichiro Yasugi: /


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Makes me feel pretty good too bro 😛

DARK EMPIRE: The Destiny of a Jedi [fan film]

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The first episode of animator Ian Wilkins‘ Star Wars fan series is here. Many years after the fall of Vader and the battle of Endor, members of the Rebel Alliance must once again defend against the Empire as they strengthen against the New Republic:

Dark Empire is a Star Wars comic book metaseries produced by Dark Horse Comics. It consists of a six-issue limited series written by Tom Veitch and drawn by Cam Kennedy.

Killing Joke – “Love Like Blood” [throwback]

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