A Bittersweet Day [F]

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Happy Valentine’s — I handed in my resignation letter today! I should be relieved, really, but if I have to be honest with myself, I am feeling a bit, grey, about the overall experience and my time spent there. …I guess there are more than a few faces I will miss.


A Burst of Deep Sea Fireworks: Halitrephes Jelly (Nautilus Live)

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It took a trip 4000 feet under the sea off Baja California, Mexico to witness this underwater reflective light show, but the payoff was worth it — as the lights of the E/V Nautilus‘ remote-operated Hercules submarine revealed the colorful tentacles of the Halitrephes maasi jellyfish:

Musical Retrospective Looks Back on 100 Years of Japanese Animation

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2017 marked the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation. From crude drawings, puppetry and stop motion, anime has evolved ever since it started back in 1917.

Namakura Gatana, a silent short anime from 1917, is regarded as the oldest piece of Japanese animation with a surviving print, and using it as a starting point for the medium makes anime 100 years old. In celebration, the Association of Japanese Animations has released a 15-minute video (122 works are featured) that looks back on landmark Japanese animated works of the century since Namakura Gatana was released:

The Association of Japanese Animations had two major criteria for inclusion in the video: historical significance and permission to use the footage. As such, if your favorite anime isn’t part of the retrospective, it is likely because of licensing issues, or simply because even as long as the video is, there’s still not enough space for every great anime of the past 100 years.

Björk — “I Miss You” [music video]

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Discovered this amazing Björk music video made by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi that I have never seen before today — It is a gem!!!

An ongoing online debate was sparked over why nudity in children’s cartoons, primarily of the female form, was so frowned upon and considered taboo, while male oriented lewdness was more or less acceptable. The debate came to no standout conclusion so will most likely resurface again some time. I made a case for aesthetic appreciation and used Kricfalusi’s Ren & Stimpy for context, so when I searched for an example to back up my point, I found I Miss You, and for lack of a better excuse, I pretty much got sidetracked. It is a weird and wonderful music video, don’t you think?

bjork i miss you directed by John Kricfalusi

Pixelord — “Rescue Cyber Party” [music video]

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♩ ♫ 7(^-^7) ♪ ┗(`o´)┓ ♪ (´〜^o^)〜 GRAB YOUR FRIENDS

Animation by Alexandre Louvenaz facebook.com/alexandre.louvenaz and alexandre-louvenaz.com / Music by Pixelord pixelord.ru and facebook.com/pixelord / Production Wemotion wemotion.net / For more from King Deluxe visit kingdeluxe.ca.

pixel party

pixel party res cyb

pixel party res cybe


“Slapdash Supercars” by Max Siedentopf — This Guy Is out at Night Pimping Strangers’ Cars with Cardboard

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There is a man in Amsterdam who wanders the streets during the silent hours of the night carrying pieces of cardboard and masking tape, so he can custom shape and stick them to random people’s cars to make them look less ordinary and more like supercharged pimp-mobiles, unbeknownst to the sleeping owners:









“Individuality, self-expression, and status are more important than ever these days. But for some reason you see that things as ordinary as cars are getting personalized less and less, while it could be a strange but great form of self-expression. I thought I’d do people a favor by giving them a custom-made supercar.” ~ Max Siedentopf

Right, and I’m sure they are grateful for it. For more work from this cardboard vigilante, visit: http://maxsiedentopf.com/

Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Performed With a Traditional Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto [♬]

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Michael Jackson and producer Quincy Jones created some of the most timeless and iconic music of any generation, so it is understandable if someone was to guffaw at the idea of an acoustic cover version with traditional Japanese instruments sounding as good, but it does. This is one of the best cover tracks I have ever heard.

Professional shakuhachi (bamboo flute) player Yoshimi Tsujimoto is accompanied by two talented koto players, Erina Ito and Yuko Watanabe on the 17-string koto, for a truly unique rendition of Michael Jackson’s 1987 classic Smooth Criminal, with a traditional Japanese flair:

SHAKUHACHI Yoshimi Tsujimoto / KOTO Erina Ito / JUSHICHIGEN Yuko Watanabe

This isn’t Yoshimi’s first time performing with Erina—in fact, they actually play together as a pair in a group called 523 ~Koibumi~, which they formed during their university days.

523 Koibumi

For comparison, here is the original music video for Smooth Criminal (1987):

Nosaj Thing — “Cold Stares” ft. Chance The Rapper & The O’My’s [music video]

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Nosaj Thing — Cold Stares 3

Fantastic music video for track by Nosaj Thing and Chance The Rapper, put together by Rhizomatiks and features dancers from Elevenplay. The video uses drones, 3D capture and performative dance to create a sense of alternating between digital and real worlds:

Creative Director + Technical Director: Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Research) / Video Director: TAKCOM / Choreographer: MIKIKO (ELEVENPLAY) / Dancer: Kaorin (ELEVENPLAY) & Erissa (ELEVENPLAY) / Technical Director-Hardware Designer-Hardware Engineer: Motoi Ishibashi (Rhizomatiks Research) / Computer Vision Programmer: Yuya Hanai (Rhizomatiks Research) / Drone Engineer: Katsuhiko Harada (Rhizomatiks Research), Momoko Nishimoto (Rhizomatiks Research), Youichi Sakamoto (Rhizomatiks Research) / Video Producer: Takahiko Kajima (PICS) / Video Production Manager: Syuhei Harada (PICS) / CG Designer: Akira Miwa (McRay), Kohki Okuyama (McRay) / CG Producer: Akira Iio (McRAY) / Motion Capture System: Crescent, inc. / Costume Design: Yaepon.

While CG effects are nothing new, the use of little drone cameras to capture the movements of the two dancers teetering on the edge of reality and illusion gives everything a very unique feel. Learn about the making of here >rhizomatiks/coldstares/<

Nosaj Thing — Cold Stares 2 Nosaj Thing — Cold Stares 1 Nosaj Thing — Cold Stares

Directed by Tokyo-based media artist, Daito Manabe, who I remember a few years ago was doing interesting things with electronic pulses and facial muscles moving in sync to music:

Anime & Game Character Inspired Pancake Art

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Mmm pancakes, surely half the fun in having them is in the making and decoration of them — those warm cushions of deliciousness!! It is nice knowing that there are others who also share this view, like those working in Japan’s La Ricetta, an Italian restaurant located in the city of Zama in Kanagawa, the prefecture bordering Tokyo to the south, where the pancakes come pre-decorated with images of Pokémon, Mario, and dozens of other anime and video game characters.

At 800 yen (US$6.70) it comes with a scoop of gelato on the side, still allowing customers the opportunity to add their own desired condiment, splat in the middle of all that art.

Anime Pancake Art

Talented culinary expert Keesuke Inagaki of Kanagawa’s “La Ricetta Ristorante Pizzeria” has demonstrated a rather unique form of artistry, one which involves shaping anime characters out of fluffy pancakes — a tasteful form of art where even failure can at least ensure that the artist will not be a starving one.

Anime Pancake Art - 5

Anime Pancake Art - 6

Anime Pancake Art - 7

As long as there is enough pancake to sink my teeth into, I am happy with whatever shape and form it takes.


^ It is a universal law that things will get real if there is an odd distribution of pancakes.

“Embroidered Zoetrope” by Elliot Schultz

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Australian animator and digital artist, Elliot Schultz, embroidered discs with animated sequences that can be played on standard turntables. “Embroidered Zoetrope” was Schultz’s final art school project when he graduated from ANU School of Art back in 2013. His project encourages viewers to watch and engage with animation physically:

“Inspired by the work of Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker, I aimed to guide my production process indirectly through the limitations afforded by alternative media. Their invention, the pin screen, was used as the sole medium in the production of six short films, and shaped the outcome of their work. In response, I have designed and embroidered animated sequences onto discs, similar to the Phenakistokope, Zoopraxiscope and Stamfer Disc layouts. This repurposing of media introduced strict parameters, namely spatial, tonal and temporal, and has greatly informed all stages of my process.” ~ Elliot Schultz

‘Sunburn’ Photographs by Thomas Maileander

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French artist, Thomas Mailaender, applied 23 old photographic negatives from the Archive of Modern Conflict collection, onto the skin of his volunteer models using a UV lamp to create a sunburn effect. Having substituted human skin for photosensitive paper, he then photographed the fleeting imprints before they disappeared. The results have been compiled into a book called “Illustrated People” which can be seen here:


I like that these are produced through a person’s natural skin tones, and the fact that they are photographic as opposed to just graphic, and fade, meaning they don’t last, adds a special charm to them too I suppose. Would be a nightmare of a thing if sunburns never healed away, am I right.


Grades “King” [music video]

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Love it! A little girl living out her superhero fantasies goes on a wild journey through the haunted halls of her school and beyond:

Dancer Laika Takasu as little girl. Directed by Taichi Kimura, with animations by Rapparu. Producer Takuma Hiramatsu / DOP Kohou Kotake / 1st AD Ryosuke Asano / 2nd AD Anam Sekiguchi / Choreographer Sayuki Kobayashi / Make up Rie Furuya / Runner Takumi Kidokou.



Nature by Numbers

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This neat 3D animated infographic illustrates the complexity of nature to the naked eye, through the simplicity of one mathematical equation. I’m sure everyone touched on Fibonacci and the golden ratio sequence back in high school, but I bet no one actually took in how amazing it was. I know I didn’t.

A movie inspired on numbers, geometry and nature, by Cristóbal Vila. / Visit etereaestudios.com for more info. / Music by Wim Mertens – “Often a bird” from the album “Jardin Clos”, 1996 – © Usura – Published by Usura 2010.

Andy Stott “Faith In Strangers” [♬]

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Footage is from the short films “Grim” (1985) “Ghost” (1984) and “Thunder” (1982) by Takashi Ito.

Creative Photo Collages Pair Athletes in Action with Classical Art Sculptures by Jens Ullrich

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These are amazing and I love them much. Such an accurate and fitting juxtaposition, marrying sport athletes with the defined physique of classical, fine art marble statues:

jens_ullrich_flieger_10_20140427_1562793091jens_ullrich_flieger_8_20140427_1400672351jens_ullrich_flieger_12_20140427_1098878207jens_ullrich_flieger_18_20140427_1557945085jens_ullrich_flieger_3_20140427_1772461203 jens_ullrich_flieger_4_20140427_1637635733 jens_ullrich_flieger_9_20140427_2016519216 jens_ullrich_flieger_11_20140427_1467327973 jens_ullrich_flieger_13_20140427_1525868552 jens_ullrich_flieger_15_20140427_1818253687

jens_ullrich_flieger_19_20140427_1993760668 jens_ullrich_flieger_17_20140427_1423518244 jens_ullrich_flieger_20_20140427_1918945658

[Jens Ullrich’s Website / PDF Article]

Pharrell Williams “It Girl” [music video]

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Kawaii! I was skeptical, but it got funky good from 2:38 on, right to the fade out:

Producer Takashi Murakami / Director Mr. and Fantasista Utamaro / Animation Production NAZ

Takashi Murakami

Not sure about the bikini clad anime girls, but this is a great marriage of funk driven, synth-tastic melodies and hyper-vibrant colours and imaginings courtesy of Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. In case his name rings any bells, Murakami was producer for “Akihabara Majokko Princess” — the infamous Kirstin Dunst music video made in 2010:


The Diatomist — a Fascinating Look at the Aesthetic Beauty of the Microscopic World

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Meet Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement. Klaus Kemp, you are my new favourite person in the world. I find this incredibly life affirming for some reason; incomprehensible geometric organisms to the naked eye I otherwise would not have known about, that are as complex in their simplicity and just as mysterious as the wonders of our expansive non-declarative universe! And aren’t diatoms just the prettiest:

Soundtrack by: Ryuichi Sakamoto “Grasshoppers” / Bernard Herrmann “Brave New World” / Cults Percussion Ensemble “Circles”.


Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification. The best of these arrangements are stunning technical feats that reveal the hidden grandeur of some of the smallest organisms on Earth. Klaus Kemp has devoted his entire life to understanding and perfecting diatom arrangement and he is now acknowledged as the last great practitioner of this beautiful combination of art and science. THE DIATOMIST showcases his incredible work:

Gustave Doré. L’imaginaire au pouvoir

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Extraordinary French artist, Gustave Doré and his detailed illustrations of visceral surreality will always find ways of reintroducing themselves time and again to an imagination eager world; such is the nature of a ‘legacy’ — an endless source of inspiration and the closest thing to immortality anyone can hope to achieve.

death horses gustave dore 1600x1000 wallpaper_www.wallfox_net_25

This promotional trailer for an art exhibition at the Musée National d’Art Moderne (National Museum of Modern Art) in Paris, is a terrific example of that legacy, creatively brought to life through the manifestation of stop-motion:

Music by Ödland “The Golden Mountain”

Here’s a brief 2minute documentary description of illustrator Gustave Doré, who the narrator describes as being; “the Steven Spielberg of his time”:

Experience the incredible angelic beings drawn by this celebrated 19th-century French artist.

The amount of detailing put into these vast scenarios of the imagination and anatomically correct (and incorrect) beings are so good and incomprehensibly epic, I really can’t imagine anyone ever emulating Gustave Doré’s level of proficiency; let alone imaging him working on them! Each one must have been incredibly time-consuming. I would love to own a book of Doré’s masterpieces; the computer screen is simply not good enough.

Research the man; you won’t be disappointed.

ベジタブル・ウェポン / Portraits of Women with Vegetable Weapons by Tsuyoshi Ozawa

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A random Tumblr image I thought a bit odd, got me on a search to find if there were more of the same — there was.

Saury fish ball hot pot Tokyo, 2001

Saury fish ball hot pot, Tokyo,  2001

Poking fun at the stupidity of war and violence; Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s ‘Vegetable Weapons’ series began in 2001. Since then, he has traveled around the world taking photographs of women holding “weapons” fashioned from the ingredients needed to make an actual hot-pot dish, chosen by the local women who serve as the models:

(Simmered Vegetables) Fukushima, 2011

(Simmered Vegetables), Fukushima, 2011

After being photographed, the ‘vegetable weapons’ are dismantled and the ingredients tossed into a cooking pot. The project participants then share and enjoy the meal together.

Sounds like the perfect project — Getting paid to exhibit the work that you’ve eaten!

Apparently there is an App or digital cookbook of the recipes that were made, unfortunately all I could find of that was the video above ^

Snowflakes: Phenomenal Pieces of Frozen Molecule Art

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Snowflakes are a combination of chemistry and nature’s persuasion culminating in a fleeting array of beauty that can only be described as serendipitous. There’s absolutely no reason why snowflakes have to look so pretty, but they just gosh darn are!

Alexey Kljatov_12

Could you believe that an outdated, consumer model camera and a few strips of gaffer tape could be converted into a high-definition macro capturing tool powerful enough it’d make the Hubble telescope blush in envy? Lucky for the skeptics, Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has photographic evidence of how this inexpensive DIY feat can be done. Kljatov’s technique; he removed a 44M-5 Helios lens from an ancient Russian Zenit camera and attached it backwards to a (2010 model I think) Canon Powershot A650:

Here are the stunning results — see more @ Alexey Kljatov flickr page (ChaoticMind75):

How do water molecules naturally form to become teeny tiny flakes of frozen geometric shapes? If only I could find a short, informative video on the process. …Found:

Rattle Ya Dags – BE YOURSELF!!!

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RattleyaDags has an awesome assortment of interesting and inspirational tidbits from some of New Zealand’s most positive role models. I came across this YouTube page totally by chance, and I’m a little angry about that. Was this even promoted anywhere, but more importantly, why did it stop?! I think it’s so cool and a great medium for connecting the Kiwi youth with familiar and influential, positive kiwi thinkers:

Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati) is New Zealand’s premiere vocalist MC, renowned for her energetic live performances, sublime soulful vocals and conscious lyrics. Ladi6 started her musical career as part of New Zealand’s first all-girl hip-hop group Sheelahroc, who supported international acts including The Roots, De La Soul and 50 Cent.

P Digsss (Paora Apera) is the vocalist for drum and bass act Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter have been heralded as a musical phenomenon for their ground breaking live shows and unique blend of heavy soul/drum and bass. The popular act have recently released their fourth studio album, The System Is A Vampire, to critical and commercial success.

Nick Dwyer is a writer, broadcaster and TV presenter. He’s been on music TV presenting on Max TV, Juice TV, M2 and C4. A respected music journalist, Nick also wrote, presented and co-directed music travel series Making Tracks. He has been on the radio for 15 years and currently hosts the breakfast show on George FM.

Shavaughn has been a fixture on television screens, both here and overseas, since she was 18. After finding fame on kiwi kids institution What Now, Shavaughn moved to the UK where she was one of the hosts of Saturday morning TV show SMTV LIVE.

Both Clarke Gayford (MORE FM, The Edge, Channel Z, C4, George FM) and Matt Gibb (U live, STUDIO 2, Squirt) are youth personalities in their own right, who above all else both have positive attitudes and helpful advice.

Danielle Cormack hit our screens on television soaps Gloss and Shortland Street, and has gone on to star in dozens of films, TV dramas and stage productions making her one of New Zealand’s most respected and well-known actors. She recently appeared in the Australian television drama Wentworth.

Jeremy Elwood is an award-winning stand up comedian who has garnered critical and popular acclaim for his no-holds-barred style, and intelligent, relevant material. He can be seen regularly at The Classic comedy club, writes the popular Political Animal blog for 3news.co.nz and appears on comedy series 7Days.

These are awesome and if I had a monogamous attention span I suppose I could post one of these videos everyday, but yeah, I’m not going to do that.

There are HEAPS more @ the YouTube page. Bring this back!

Massive Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro, host to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). Recycled materials to art is always ingenuitive. Quite the eye catching sentiment.

See more: Rio+20 Flicker set

Virtual Self — “Ghost Voices” [♬]

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DarkintheBoy — “GLITCH” [♬] [F]

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Com Truise’s FAIRLIGHT video reminded me of something I made, which I will paste here because #selfpromotion. I make music in my spare time. Only like, three people will ever hear my stuff nowadays and that’s how I likes it, except for this is one track that I thought deserved some visual aid to accompany it. So I edited together some random found footage to form some semblance of a narrative. I used FL Studio to make this track — GLITCH:

Thanks for listening!! 😀 Although I pay it little maintenance, I have a Soundcloud account if anyone is interested. I love the digital footprints we leave behind. Interactive time capsules encapsulated by source code that traces back to our unwritten personality traits.


Com Truise — “Brokendate” & “Fairlight” [music video]

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This sweet retro-futuristic tale directed by Will Joines, compliments BROKENDATE perfectly with its Blade Runner-esq eighties cop-nior ambience. It takes me back to a time that only exists in memory now, and I’m not concerned at all that that sentence shouldn’t have made any grammatical sense… BROKENDATE is rad.

Director: Will Joines / Producer: Sarah Romney / Cinematographer: Zoë White

How great a name is Com Truise — one of the many pseudonyms of New Jersey designer/musician Seth Haley. Love his melodious synth and the depth of atmosphere he’s able to create with minimal sounds. Here is another favourite — FAIRLIGHT:


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My local comic shop held a screening of BLACK PANTHER tonight and it was good. Now, I don’t read reviews, I find them redundant when you know what you yourself like, but since I have seen the movie I am now reading into the hype, and I think it is deserved. For a superhero movie it definitely treated its fictional source material and correlative ties with Africa with dignity. There is a dynamic character arc, a thoroughly developed antagonist, kick-ass supporting roles and a decent soundtrack. All of which I can’t be assed to write on further, so I’ll let you vibe to Kendrick Lamar & SZA instead:

Daze Off & Recovering Self-Worth [F]

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I have had two long and enjoyable days off (so far) this week. I actually have 5 days off total in one week which is as rare for me as the Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse we had recently [Mon; company day off/fishing/staff party, Tue; Waitangi Day/Chef house BBQ, Thu-Fri; my regular shift days off, and Sunday; my requested day off]. Sunday night, finished work at 1am, woke up at 5am to meet at work by 6am for fishing trip, and after the fishing trip it was straight to the staff party which I didn’t leave until 2am. I had to book a hotel room in the inner city, next to the Civic, because I was too drunk to drive (thanks Viviana). The next morning I had to walk 5 km uphill to find my parked car so I could go back home quick, change, come back in to the city to pick up a work-colleague (Marin, ungrateful brat), then head to a BBQ to enjoy the fish that was caught. I wore my red shades all day to hide my tired eyes. Hopefully they doubled as swagger.

Laughed with many people. Did many cool and sometimes helpful things no one will remember because alcohol. Days have been good but I could have made them better if I was more confident I think. Yeah, that’s the thought ruminating in my mind in this moment. Plus thoughts about a girl I work with. She always seems to be happy, and she was at all three events. I never approached her at either. Stupid, self-defeating shyness. But aside from, I have had two days of fun activity! If feeling like a retrospective shit is the byproduct of that, I’m a better person for it. Discomfort is the compost that fertilizes ambition, surely. And bolsters confidence.

Three things have occurred to me while sitting here writing that I feel I just might act upon soon. 1: I am super tired and should probably honour my bodies need to sleep. 2: I need to redirect and balance the things I give my time to. 3. I have been giving too much of my time to this menial job and I am disappointed with what is reciprocated. Fun activities! Yes! Amazing people! Yes! Personal compromises! Yes! Underachieving me! Yes! It is about high time I recovered from this daze and confusion, to improve myself.

Artificial Taste Has No Expiry Date [F]

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But it freaking should! Bought me an energy drink from a little old women who owned a dairy along Ponsonby Road, even though I could have gotten two for the price of one at the Countdown three blocks back. Nothing wrong with supporting local business owners. At least that’s what I was cool with earlier today, but now I’m not so sure. No, sir. Fuck that!

So I was eating pizza, bored with the lack of visual stimulation in the vicinity, when I decided to take interest in the bottle. The original “V” brand logo I expected to see was replaced with a letter “E”, odd, but there was a comic bubble with promotional guidelines next to it that explained it, stating; SPELL IT, SHOOT IT, SHARE IT. #VCHAT Ends 31.01.16.

That’s right — 2016!!! The promotion ended at the start of 2016, meaning the liquid in the bottle was produced in 2015, or earlier considering the shelf-life for these types of drinks is ludicrously long. Knowing that, I wasn’t really gagging or anything. Several questions popped in my head though, such as, how much energy is contained in a bottle of energy drink from 2015/16, should I bother walking back up the road to waggle my finger in the old lady’s face, and was I going to die? Well, I’m still alive. Old lady lost herself a customer though and one who doesn’t care enough about her business to enlighten her. I should have suspected something was amiss when I saw her giant jelly crocodile plastic bucket was empty, save for four green crocodiles. Bitch needs to restock and get her shit together, for real. I’m back to drinking water for the next few weeks in the meantime, that’s for sure…but I’ll probably ease into relapse with ginger beer.

Boundary Breaking Video Games — Off Camera Secrets: METAL GEAR SOLID

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YouTuber, Shesez, breaks video game code in order to show us neat easter eggs and development tricks that were deliberately made in order to save on memory by not rendering everything all the time. In his latest episode, the epic Metal Gear Solid:

Ujico* / Snail’s House — Pixel Galaxy [music video]

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Star Wars Theme Performed on Musical Calculators [♬]

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Oooo the force is strong with this one. The mysterious It’s a Small World recomposes elaborate tunes using her musical calculators. “This calculator doesn’t have every note, so there’s many arrange. but i hope you like it..”

http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/59795637 / (All my videos)→https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbvQ… / (Twitter)→http://twitter.com/zk_oj / (instagram)→http://instagram.com/it_is.a_small_world

The image below (from GitS) immediately popped in my mind when I first saw the video lol. I must say, I am intrigued by her unique skills. I wonder what her WPM is?

And holy lolz, here is Darude Sandstorm on ballpoint pen: