Shy Luv — “Shock Horror” [music video]

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This is a real catchy song. Love it! Directed by the French duo Bif, the video features Shy Luv falling in an endless skydive amidst gigantic women in swimsuits:

“CGI allowed us to create impossible camera shots, animate the duo and populate each scene the way we wanted,” says Bif. “We used the photogrammetry scanning system in order to recreate a perfect 3D model of each character.” “The animation was mostly created using simulation,” they add. “By applying physics and dynamics forces we manage to get very interesting results. The band inflated like balloons were alive, diving in the sky in a very organic way.”

Björk — “I Miss You” [music video]

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Discovered this amazing Björk music video made by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi that I have never seen before today — It is a gem!!!

An ongoing online debate was sparked over why nudity in children’s cartoons, primarily of the female form, was so frowned upon and considered taboo, while male oriented lewdness was more or less acceptable. The debate came to no standout conclusion so will most likely resurface again some time. I made a case for aesthetic appreciation and used Kricfalusi’s Ren & Stimpy for context, so when I searched for an example to back up my point, I found I Miss You, and for lack of a better excuse, I pretty much got sidetracked. It is a weird and wonderful music video, don’t you think?

bjork i miss you directed by John Kricfalusi

Pixelord — “Rescue Cyber Party” [music video]

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♩ ♫ 7(^-^7) ♪ ┗(`o´)┓ ♪ (´〜^o^)〜 GRAB YOUR FRIENDS

Animation by Alexandre Louvenaz and / Music by Pixelord and / Production Wemotion / For more from King Deluxe visit

pixel party

pixel party res cyb

pixel party res cybe


Jack and Eliza — “Quarter Past The Hour” [♬]

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Ah the reciprocal torment of wanting to be loved — This guy has got it bad:

Footage is from the 1959 French New Wave film “Les Cousins,” directed by Claude Chabrol. / Quarter Past The Hour by “Jack + Eliza” from the album “Gentle Warnings.” / Video edited by David Dean Burkhart.

Flight Facilities “Down To Earth” feat. Sam Rockwell [music video]

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How I feel almost all day everyday. Dance like nobody is watching:

Walkie Talkie “4 Luv” [♬]

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Cinnamon Chasers “Luv Deluxe” [music video]

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This is one of my favourite tracks ever — Watch this crazy awesome love story unfold from a first person perspective:

**Shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II w/ a custom face mounted rig — Canon Lenses used: 14mm (f2.8) & 24mm (f1.4)**

Luv Deluxe by Cinnamon Chasers / Album: A Million Miles From Home / Director: Saman Keshavarz ( / Producer: Francis Pollara / Associate Producer: Nate Eggert / Cinematographer: Justin Gurnari / Editor: Nate Tam / Actress: Darcy Ripley (  / © Modus Records / Koch Entertainment 2009

c i n n a m o n c h a s e r s . c o m

Reminds me of falling in love (the track does anyway)

The Smile “Skrting On The Surface” [♬]

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Any Radiohead fans here? The Smile are an English rock band comprising Radiohead members Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood and Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner. They are produced by Nigel Godrich, Radiohead’s longtime producer.

The Smile worked during the COVID-19 lockdowns and made their surprise debut in a performance streamed by Glastonbury Festival in May 2021. Jonny Greenwood said the Smile came from his desire to work with Thom Yorke during the COVID-19 lockdown;

“We didn’t have much time, but we just wanted to finish some songs together. It’s been very stop-start, but it’s felt a happy way to make music.” ~JG

In early 2022, they released four singles and performed to an audience for the first time at three shows in London in January, which were livestreamed. The Smile are set to begin a European tour in May 2022.

Tears of the Willis [♬]

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This man knows how to squeeze a trigger and shed a damn fine tear. Bruce Willis will be stepping away from acting for good after a recent diagnosis of aphasia — a disorder that affects the brain’s language center and a person’s ability to understand or express speech.

This tribute-music-video is to you, Bruce Willis:

“I’m Bruce Willis” performed by Jeep Cherokee.

He’d probably hate that so much lol.

The video contained clips from every single movie Bruce Willis has ever appeared in…pre 2010… None as iconic as The Fifth Element, or Die Hard, or Twelve Monkeys, or Pulp Fiction, or The Last Boy Scout, or Unbreakable, of course, and I just watched Last Man Standing for the first time with bae and it was good, thank you Walter Hill. (I’m thinking Armageddon or Sin City next)

Be proud Mr. Willis, be Yippee Ki Yay motherfucking prou-😢-proud ​​😭​

The Oscars Event That Shook A Face

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Come for the DrAmA, stay for the memeable event.

Personally, I don’t think these two brothers needed to engage themselves in low blow mockery and humiliation. That being said, comedy is disarming for a reason and Chris Rock is a professional comedian. Hollyweird must be a strange and alienating place to keep it together in, but damned if that wasn’t the most passionate live televised outburst not produced on an MTV reality show. …Or was it!?! (#ratings #sponsoredbylookoverherenow)

Like Chris Rock’s professionalism and Will Smith’s West Philly passion, the world responded in memes:

Foo Fighters “On The Mend” [♬]

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Taylor Hawkins Drumming Masterclass (Nov 6, 2019)

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As drummer for the Foo Fighters for over 20 years, Taylor Hawkins has drummed his way through everything from Reading & Leeds Festival, to Radio 1 Live Lounges to sell out stadium shows.

But what does it take to become a drummer? What inspires someone to pick up a pair of drumsticks in the first place? And just how important is the drummer to a band?

In this programme, Taylor gives us a guided tour of his drum kit, talking to Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq about his childhood, his influences, his favourite drum loops, and what it’s like drumming with both Alanis Morissette & Dave Grohl.

R.I.P. Taylor Hawkins 1972 ~ 2022

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Californication: The Game

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In 1999 the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their seventh studio album Californication.

In 2000 the album’s title track was released as a single, and along with it came one of the coolest 3D rendered animated music videos ever to grace the music scene. It certainly stirred emotions and imaginations, and for obvious reason captured the hearts of young gamers around the world. I was one of those dopey kids who had wishful daydreams of what the sixth generation of video game consoles may bring. I remember thinking at the time how Crazy Taxi was the closest actual game to it.

Now, some twenty-three years later, developer Miquel Camps Ortezaa took it upon himself to create a free to download video game based on that sweet music video. What began as a two-day challenge to re-create the spirit of those delirious game logic scenes, ended up as seven levels, allowing you to experience the super graphical environments as if you were the shirtless band-mate confronting those crazy hyper heart-pounding dangers.

So… The graphics leave a hell of a lot to be desired 😂 it is janky, but fun, and did I mention, freeeeeeeeee. Download the game for free on for Windows PC and macOS to relive the glory days of 2000’s RHCP. Alternatively, you can just watch the MV below.

Although Otherside had the hook I hummed the loudest down the school hallways (and a German Expressionism, Cubism, and M.C. Escher music video aesthetic I could’t get out of my brain), Californication is definitely one of those era defining songs. People will still be finding and enjoying it many years from now. Much like today.

The Halabaloo Over Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi & NFT

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This topic is a world changer. Best learn up with me, and ahh, maybe, “buy the dip?”

Clocking in at just under 14 minutes, you will know more about our current climate of money and tech by the end of this then all your best guesses combined — a really well rounded and put together summary video of cryptocurrency:

Want more? Here is a full documentary!! It costs under $10 to rent on other platforms, so I am not sure why/how this is free on YouTube, but give it a watch if you have time: CRYPTOPIA: Bitcoin, Blockchains and The Future of the Internet 

For those interested in the digital artwork side of things, here are several interesting looks at the unpredictable world of NFT:

In this video, you’ll learn about how art, fine wine, and blockchain can be useful for laundering money.

The Crew sits down with Digital Artist Mike Winkelmann AKA “Beeple” for a Q&A about NFTs and the future of Crypto Art.

How will this new technology affect the world of art? How does it affect the community and the environment?

Don’t get suckered into the vortex of hype-mania-hype videos. There is good, honest content and researchers out there, but damned if they are not hidden behind an algorithm promoting FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and biased speculator ramblings.

THE BACKROOMS [short film]

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This ongoing saga unfolding in an unnerving plain of existence was first uploaded January 7 2022. That is all I want to know. I mean know, that is all I know 😨

Kane Parsons a.k.a. Kane Pixels, the director and VFX artist responsible for this well put together series of shorts, is 16-years-old. Dude is bound to be offered to make a movie one day, or he’ll just do it himself. / /

Tumbleweeds [supercut]

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YouTuber, film buff, and meticulous editor Duncan Robson (featured on DitB before) was commissioned by the Columbus Museum of Art for one of his celebratory montages. After watching this, you will never not notice a tumbling tumbleweed ever again:

Columbus Museum of Art Music by Joel Robson / Sources are listed in closed captions.

Quentin Tarantino Launches ‘PULP FICTION’ NFTs Despite Miramax Lawsuit

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Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is getting in on the phenomenally overblown NFT (non-fungible tokens) fad. Superb smart-contract technology, to be sure, but currently many of the NFT projects are nothing more than over-hyped clip art. Don’t take my word for it though, a quick search will prove my point. PULP FICTION and its writer/director however—love them or hate them—carry a gravitas of legitimacy. If movie memorabilia is something you enjoy, owning a share of this manuscript NFT might interest you.

Each NFT represents a single scene from PULP FICTION and features the original handwritten screenplay of that scene, alongside unique recorded commentary by Mr. Tarantino himself that contains never-before-known secrets about the film.

The manuscript for PULP FICTION has been sectioned into 7 unique scenes. Tarantino entering the NFT space will perform well in the initial and secondary markets for obvious reason. Whether he will continue to release other properties on the Secret Network blockchain remains to be seen. No one is sure how the lawsuit will effect Tarantino’s NFTs, but the notoriety can only help. That was how I heard about it.

Website: / Twitter:

“Secret Network and Secret NFTs provide a whole new world of connecting fans and artists and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.” ~ QT

If I was endowed with such a disposable income that I could have fun collecting NFTs, I would certainly try to snaffle all instances of screen direction that involved car trunks or feet (film buffs get it).

The first time I heard about an established creator making money selling NFTs was in October 2020. José Delbo, an 87-year-old former DC comic artist in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, auctioned 914 Wonder Woman NFTs in four days, culminating in a profit of $1.85 million. He too faced backlash.

“Heroines – Weight of the World” sold for almost $300,000.

Naturally this event got the attention of DC Comics and Marvel, not just because José Delbo made bank (good on him), but because the fictional character was a trademarked property. If commissioned artwork gets a pass then it seems a double-standard that there should be any talk of lawsuit for creators, seeing as contracts as old as José Delbo’s would not have covered blockchains or art as non-fungible tokens. I would stand by the argument that the artist and their craftsmanship is what gives a drawing value and drives interest in buyers. But I digress; read more of José Delbo’s story here:

Blockchain technology and what it allows users to generate and share is going to be something transformational, and not just for artists and tech-savvy collectors in-the-know. Expect to hear more NFT coverage from all major networks in the coming year as more retailers and industries trial decentralized finance (DeFi) options. The literary landscape will not go unaffected either.

PULP FICTION is a good film, but I’d rather spend fiat money on actual pulp fiction—far less stress than an auction and more surprise than a Big Kahuna Burger.

New Zealand WHAKA YEAH! [♬]

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