Jessie Ware “Alone” [music video]

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Narrow-minded “Blade Runner” Producers

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Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is hailed as a sci-fi masterpiece, although not all the executives responsible for producing Blade Runner were on board with the production.

A select few had naive opinions and no idea how to address their general concerns in a constructive manner — being an A-hole must have been a prerequisite for the job — Here is the official proof, as recently discovered memos reveal:

Tandem Productions executives Jerry Perenchio, Bud Yorkin, and Robin French

It’s not a big deal but an interesting insight none the less. No matter how prolific you get or are at your craft, there will always be haters.

Who’s to know whether they truly invested themselves into the story, is old history now, but I’m going to enjoy mocking them anyway and say they probably never finished a book in their lives. Thanks for not screwing up in the end — one of my beloved films — jerks.


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Watched BLADE RUNNER 2049 last night with a friend and it was so fucking long!! 2h 43m long to be exact. I cannot say whether I thought it was long because the beats came late or whether it was because it had me scoffing at certain character dynamics and some of the ideas featured on-screen. As far as sequels are concerned — especially in this entertainment climate of reboots and remakes — BLADE RUNNER 2049 is near perfect.

Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling for real while shooting a scene in Blade Runner 2049.

Forget the action packed trailer however because this narrative is a slow burn (a noir mystery about a missing child and the existential crisis the case triggers in its investigating agent).

[What follows is just me ranting, cause I do that, plus spoilers] The ambiance was 100% faithful to the original film’s vision, save for the lame holograms, I must say however. They were either blatantly promoting a real-world brand name or showing someone in performance like a dancing ballerina or a singing Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Political correctness on show with no space for creativity or (any) cultural diversity as there was in the first film. This to me just painted BLADE RUNNER 2049’s world (the future) as being really uninspired and boring. What ever happened to the visual artists or innovative advertisers of the future, and surely people would still do things like extreme sports or have festivals and local gigs. But nooooo, what we are supposedly treated to are holograms that are unambiguous and mainstream which is ultimately ineffective and nonsensical world-building, suffice it to say that yeah the future will probably be OK with nudity and have proximity sensitive holograms. Titillating ideas for those not familiar with sci-fi, I suppose. But who, what type of people were those lame holograms for? BLADE RUNNER 2049 is an intelligent tale to be sure but for this tiny subliminal gripe it loses recommendation points from me. Sometimes I wish directors just went balls-out with weird and wonderful ideas and not try so hard to have everything make sense or used as a crutch to support the story’s underlining theme (technological miracles will occur with profound effects), you know. …Maybe I’m just picky because I’ve seen too much cool shit in the world and don’t like being spooned info longer than necessary. It is verbose and worse when it doesn’t logically correlate with anything else.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 is a visually spectacular movie. Amazing set dressing. Good story. Long takes. Verbose dialogue at times. I should have felt emotionally invested in the protagonist’s journey and eventual catharsis, especially given the run-time. But ultimately it was too long spent in a bleak world I was never invited to care for from the start. Whoever wins, whatever. Yeah… Multiple viewings may be in order, but that right there is part of the reason why it didn’t resonate with me; I didn’t think I’d have to watch it again to love it. But then again, this is exactly how I felt towards HELLBOY and the animated GHOST IN THE SHELL the first time I watched those. Contemplative. End rant.

Here’s an official supplemental animated short, directed by Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo’s Shinichiro Watanabe:

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Promotion Failed

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Get all your shit together, Merica, this was not schwifty at all, lol. It was just dipping sauce after all. Re-released based off of a throwaway gag from a cartoon McDonald’s underestimated anyone (#fandom) genuinely loved while they cashed-in for negative but invaluable publicity fuck!! For realsies though, this shit is amusing, like Pokémon Go all over again only more retarded [adjective: informal / offensive. Very foolish or stupid]. Because you know, it’s only the second-largest fast food restaurant chain in the world, you’d think they could handle supplying a little more than a few packets in an hour. But also, surely once you hear a place is out of a thing, wouldn’t any sort of loitering or rallying be completely redundant. Are people really that naive to how things work? Maybe cartoons and eating and laughing it off afterwards is all there is to life for some. Hmmm

Thanks to Rick and Morty [S03E01] McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Will Make an Official Limited Return

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McDonald’s first issued Szechuan sauce as part of a tie-in with Disney’s 1998 movie, Mulan. In a press release, a company representative confirmed the sauce would be available in “limited quantities for a limited run available in restaurant for one day only.”

The move may seem odd for those who haven’t been paying attention to Rick and Morty or Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s Twitter account. A joke about Szechuan sauce was included in Rick and Morty’s season three premiere. The internet became aflame with demands for McDonald’s to bring back the limited-time sauce.

Fans of the show may get their opportunity to taste Rick’s hype after all — see below:

OCTOBER 7, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

Each McDonald’s in the location finder will give away limited-edition posters and stickers, while supplies last; only the McDonald’s locations labeled “Szechuan Available” will be giving away Szechuan Sauce, while supplies last. To find out which restaurants are participating and carrying Szechuan sauce, visit McDonald’s informational page about the event.

There was no official word on whether the sauce was brought back specifically because of Rick and Morty, but it’s better to believe this was the case, no? This isn’t ad hoc basis is it?

My First Audition — Let’s get down to business! [F]

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I had recently been scouted to audition for a supporting role in an upcoming feature film, due in part to my looks. You can imagine how surprised I was to learn this, and of course I accepted the opportunity to try. The catch (I suppose); I had FIVE pages of dialogue to memorise and deliver in a standard American accent. I am not at liberty to divulge details beyond that I do not think, but I will say that it will be a live-action adaptation of a beloved classic that is going to be internationally popular.

I found myself gesturing a lot when I was practicing so it was less stressful on the day of my appointment when it was encouraged of me to do my audition/reading as I rehearsed it. I had fun. We must have gone over it at least five times because I chocked on my first two read-throughs LOL. Yeah… Probably not a thing any casting agent wants to see or hear about but hey, they knew what they were getting when they sent the call out I suppose (*cough my handsome face cough*), and hopefully they see the character in me too, because how cool would that be. I’ll just leave this here:

Written by Wang Jingping / Li Yong / Composer Matthew Wilder.

Studio Ghibli in Real Life

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Filmmaker KOJER painstakingly rotoscoped characters and objects from Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and other Studio Ghibli films, then composited the animation over live footage. The scale is off at times, but we still want to live in that world:

BGM : (xclassicalcatx – Spiríted Away: One Summer’s Day (Viola Cover)

Crazy Town — “Butterfly” (1999) [throwback] [♬]

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Ahhh the sweet, nostalgic sounds of unbridled horniness. Here’s a fun fact I only discovered last month, that melodic guitar riff is a sampling of a Red Hot Chili Peppers track. So credit where credit is due, you know how it goes — “Pretty Little Ditty” from the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ 1989 album Mother’s Milk. …Wait so, that means everyone holding an instrument in the video is a poser? lol

Hummingbird Pool Party

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Fun fact — a group of a hummingbirds is called a charm. Youtuber WildWingsLA has a special bubbling birdbath setup specifically for hummingbirds outside their Beverly Hills home. Known for being territorial, it’s rare to see so many birds at once, but at times the frame fills with dozens of them:

A record 30 hummingbirds bathe together at one time during this morning’s wash! You’d never know they will be harassing each other in five minutes’ time…

Todd McFarlane: Business Serving Art [comics]

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Todd McFarlane shares his career as a comic book artist that includes making Spider-Man cooler and creating the Spawn character. He also shares his blueprint to launching Image Comics and McFarlane Toys. He sat down with Complex to share tons of practical tips for success based on his passion and experience:

Miss Universe NZ 2017 Grand Final

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If you can’t be in the live audience at SKYCITY Auckland this Saturday, August 12, you can watch the Grand Final live on Bravo from 8 p.m.! You can also check in on where they will stream the Grand Final live online.

Download the programme now! Find out on Bravo, this Saturday, August 12 at 8 p.m., who will be Miss Universe New Zealand 2017! (

And I have to rep this chick of course because she’s awesome! Goodluck 😀

UPDATE: She won herself a crown! Form 200 candidates to Top 20 to Top 3, congratulations Shek Delos Santos 2nd Runner Up of Miss Universe New Zealand 2017. And mad congrats to the new Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia

1st Runner Up: Brooke Rachel Houia / 2nd Runner Up: Shekinah Delos Santos /
4th Place: Dr. Sarah Hensby-Bennett / 5th Place: Holly Waghorn

Now that that’s over, I feel safe saying how cringe the televising of it was XD In dire need of a revamp and culling on the old conservative (boring) fashioned middle aged men representing MUNZ, me thinks. But that’s just me and my mixed feeling on the whole thing. As for Shekinah the and all contestants, way to go!

Protected: Harriet the Spied [F]

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Playing the Melodica While Following Random Cosplayers [♬]

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Lily Ki a.k.a. LilyPichu, wanders the corridors at IndyPopCon finding unsuspecting cosplayers to follow while she lovingly plays them their respective theme tunes on her melodica (blow-organ). I personally would love to have a soundtrack follow me wherever I went. Lily bolts when she has been made though. I like this:

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