Ladi6 — Outta Time [♬]

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Amazingly Detailed Video Tour of Entire SPIRITED AWAY World Built Using Minecraft

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This must have taken a very long time, and you get a sense of that when we’re shown the furnished houses seen in the distance during the opening shots of the movie. The video is 32 minutes long because it is showing the world with a play-by-play commentary of the film:

Spirited Away, another world-famous Ghibli film, has been the subject of YouTube user and Minecraft Builder Alan Becker’s attention for four years now, and with the evolution of the game, his Spirited Away world has also evolved. He recently posted a video of his and his team’s updated recreation, and the high level of detail of the town, the bathhouse, and everything around it will blow you away.

If you want to check out Becker’s Spirited Away world in Minecraft, you can visit their server at They have some other Ghibli worlds, too.

12-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Takes Four Notes Randomly Picked and Instantly Uses Them to Improvise a Sonata [♬]

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Meet Alma Deutscher, 6o Minutes correspondent Bob Pelley pulls four random notes out of a hat, then, soon enough, Deutscher uses the notes to start improving a sonata:

Last fall, 60 Minutes spent some time with Alma Deutscher, a prodigy on the piano and the violin. As her Wikipedia page tells us, “At age six she composed her first piano sonata. At age seven, she completed her first major composition, the opera The Sweeper of Dreams. Aged nine, she wrote a concerto for violin and orchestra, which she premiered in a 2015 performance.” And at “the age of ten she completed her first full-length opera, Cinderella, which had its European premiere in Vienna on 29 December 2016 under the patronage of conductor Zubin Mehta.” Fast forward to age twelve, you can watch Alma pull off something that, at this point, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Sobs — Telltale Signs [music video]

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Debut album: Telltale Signs by Sobs, released 22 June 2018

Shot in Los Angeles by Gus Bendinelli and directed by Will Merrick.

And one more melodic song from this “Bedroom pop” trio from Singapore:

Footage by Lee Jing Wei, Joshua Loh, Christopher Sim, Dave Wong, JLE Music, PFvideoworks.

Nature by Numbers

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This neat 3D animated infographic illustrates the complexity of nature to the naked eye, through the simplicity of one mathematical equation. I’m sure everyone touched on Fibonacci and the golden ratio sequence back in high school, but I bet no one actually took in how amazing it was. I know I didn’t.

A movie inspired on numbers, geometry and nature, by Cristóbal Vila. / Visit for more info. / Music by Wim Mertens – “Often a bird” from the album “Jardin Clos”, 1996 – © Usura – Published by Usura 2010.

Andy Stott “Faith In Strangers” [♬]

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Footage is from the short films “Grim” (1985) “Ghost” (1984) and “Thunder” (1982) by Takashi Ito.

The Diatomist — a Fascinating Look at the Aesthetic Beauty of the Microscopic World

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Meet Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement. Klaus Kemp, you are my new favourite person in the world. I find this incredibly life affirming for some reason; incomprehensible geometric organisms to the naked eye I otherwise would not have known about, that are as complex in their simplicity and just as mysterious as the wonders of our expansive non-declarative universe! And aren’t diatoms just the prettiest:

Soundtrack by: Ryuichi Sakamoto “Grasshoppers” / Bernard Herrmann “Brave New World” / Cults Percussion Ensemble “Circles”.


Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification. The best of these arrangements are stunning technical feats that reveal the hidden grandeur of some of the smallest organisms on Earth. Klaus Kemp has devoted his entire life to understanding and perfecting diatom arrangement and he is now acknowledged as the last great practitioner of this beautiful combination of art and science. THE DIATOMIST showcases his incredible work:

Rattle Ya Dags – BE YOURSELF!!!

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RattleyaDags has an awesome assortment of interesting and inspirational tidbits from some of New Zealand’s most positive role models. I came across this YouTube page totally by chance, and I’m a little angry about that. Was this even promoted anywhere, but more importantly, why did it stop?! I think it’s so cool and a great medium for connecting the Kiwi youth with familiar and influential, positive kiwi thinkers:

Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati) is New Zealand’s premiere vocalist MC, renowned for her energetic live performances, sublime soulful vocals and conscious lyrics. Ladi6 started her musical career as part of New Zealand’s first all-girl hip-hop group Sheelahroc, who supported international acts including The Roots, De La Soul and 50 Cent.

P Digsss (Paora Apera) is the vocalist for drum and bass act Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter have been heralded as a musical phenomenon for their ground breaking live shows and unique blend of heavy soul/drum and bass. The popular act have recently released their fourth studio album, The System Is A Vampire, to critical and commercial success.

Nick Dwyer is a writer, broadcaster and TV presenter. He’s been on music TV presenting on Max TV, Juice TV, M2 and C4. A respected music journalist, Nick also wrote, presented and co-directed music travel series Making Tracks. He has been on the radio for 15 years and currently hosts the breakfast show on George FM.

Shavaughn has been a fixture on television screens, both here and overseas, since she was 18. After finding fame on kiwi kids institution What Now, Shavaughn moved to the UK where she was one of the hosts of Saturday morning TV show SMTV LIVE.

Both Clarke Gayford (MORE FM, The Edge, Channel Z, C4, George FM) and Matt Gibb (U live, STUDIO 2, Squirt) are youth personalities in their own right, who above all else both have positive attitudes and helpful advice.

Danielle Cormack hit our screens on television soaps Gloss and Shortland Street, and has gone on to star in dozens of films, TV dramas and stage productions making her one of New Zealand’s most respected and well-known actors. She recently appeared in the Australian television drama Wentworth.

Jeremy Elwood is an award-winning stand up comedian who has garnered critical and popular acclaim for his no-holds-barred style, and intelligent, relevant material. He can be seen regularly at The Classic comedy club, writes the popular Political Animal blog for and appears on comedy series 7Days.

These are awesome and if I had a monogamous attention span I suppose I could post one of these videos everyday, but yeah, I’m not going to do that.

There are HEAPS more @ the YouTube page. Bring this back!

Katy Perry’s Been Taking Fashion Cues from Katy Keene, an Archie Comics Character from 1945

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Not that I truly give a crap; I can dig this type of fictional appropriation (when credit is given of course):

Katy Keene character created by cartoonist William Woggon (1911-2003). Does this officially make her a cosplayer?

Botched Canadian Convenience Store Robbery Set to METAL GEAR SOLID Evasion Music [mashup]

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The Canadian convenience store robbery that has now become infamous for its poor execution got a Metal Gear Solid makeover. Here is what it feels like to watch people who are bad at video games…and life:

Metal Gear Solid 2 Version:

My Tall Shorts Film Festival Entry [F]

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Well, I did end up making a short, silly little thing for the competition after all. It was judged last month and no, I did not place anywhere. The rules were simple; entries must be under 2 minutes long, be presented in a vertical format (cell phone screen dimensions), and incorporate the theme of light. Coming in as one of the shortest of all the 63 entries, here is 46 seconds of ghost hunting silliness, FIRST CONTACT/HADOUKEN:

References — STAR TREK; run that start date number through a Julian Calendar converter and you will get 20/05/2018, the date the competition was judged / Snorricam; opening camera angle (and those sparks were made by my sis and bro spinning burning steel wool) / SILENT HILL; radio sound on that Sangean ghost box / STREET FIGHTER; Hadouken, a special attack in the Street Fighter video game series / SONG OF THE SOUTH; song reference from 1946 Musical/Animation (Mum used to sing this when I was little and we would go out for walks).

I’m not OCD or anything, I just, do more with my time than most. It’s a blessing and a curse, believe me. I’m bound to get paid one of these days though for all my effort and randomness lol! Believe it or not, I actually wrote a 5 page script and story boarded the whole thing. Come the night of the impromptu shoot, however, my sister, brother, and I, just ended up winging most of it, two days before the competition closed.

One-takes and plenty of lolz later, we made something enjoyable together. I mean, it still would have been nice to have known what Taika Waititi’s reaction was to seeing it and $10,000 in the hand would have also been swell, but overall it was a neat, cheap, let’s shoot-the-shit-and-see-what-we-make weekend short. Thanks, Spark!

Sevendust — “Medicated” [music video]

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Still going hard; love this band so much!

Two Wild Lynx in Ontario Having an Intense Dialogue

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Nicole Lewis and her partner Ed Trist captured this rare encounter between two Canadian Lynx screaming at each other — their funny vocal standoff coming close to blows:

Aww, fluffy. I don’t know why but, that reminds me of my sister so much. This one too:

“Black Hole Sun” Cover Performed on Cello by Break of Reality [♬]

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An emotive orchestration of Soundgarden’s 1994 hit track performed by Break of Reality, with three cellos providing the melody and harmonies, and a djembe on the rhythm track. While no string instrument can replace Chris Cornell’s vocals, you will still get the feels.

Break of Reality is regarded as one of the world’s premiere alt-classical chamber ensembles, and in 2015, the members of Break of Reality were appointed music ambassadors by the U.S. State Department.

Metro Manners PSA — Anime-Style Magical Girl Video Series Promotes Good Subway Manners in… Los Angeles

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Musical public service announcements are quite rare, maybe due to their tricky nature to convey an important message in a fun package, in this case, transportation etiquette. The bilingual Japanese/English videos star a woman dressed as an anime-style magical girl, which is sort of strange considering it is for the Los Angeles Metro.

Aisle Blocking ブロキング

Eating イーティング

Seat Hogging ホギング

Super Kind’s opening attack is always to launch into a song, in English, imploring Rude Dude, or Meiwaku Boy (meiwaku being the Japanese word for “nuisance” or “annoyance”), to be more considerate. But the musical interlude never manages to correct Rude Dude’s behavior, prompting Super Kind to Resort to more extreme, often super-powered methods.

Japan has public transportation down, and everyone seems to understand the importance of acceptable behavior while in transit. If the video below is anything to go by, I see no problem in emulating their standards and paying homage in a fun way.

It was some time ago but I think New Zealand’s musical PSA attempt was rather successful:

…Oh, that’s why musical PSAs are rare, they are *campy af (*noun: camp

1. deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behaviour or style.)

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time – Launch Trailer

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Join Akko and her friends as they explore dungeons and uncover the mysteries at Luna Nova Academy in this action RPG, available now.