Global Warming, or Terraforming DUN-DUN-DUUUN!!!

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“”People will think of Antarctica quite rightly as a very icy place, but our work shows that parts of it are green, and are likely to be getting greener,” said Matthew Amesbury, a researcher with the University of Exeter in the UK and lead author of the study.”

You can click the image link above to read an article about global warming from the Washington Post, on a New Zealand news site. Which I can’t help but feel is weird and lazy journalism. Too fluctual a topic for my liking in any case, but you might love it.

Honestly, I just liked the picture, and it reminded me of a movie no one ever talks about, ever. THE ARRIVAL (1996) is a decent sci-fi story about planet warming that stars Charlie Sheen like you’ve probably never seen him:

Personally I don’t believe in visitors from beyond and chalk every conceivable notion of UFOs and extraterrestrial “evidence” up to nefarious humanity. Political schemers with agendas and/or individual liars with selfish urges. Aliens make for amazing literary fodder, sure, but as far as reality goes, we the people can be conniving and easily manipulated. It could be my introverted intuition (Ni) that grounds this worldly perception, all I know is this isn’t a contradiction — me loving sci-fi but not believing in aliens. Good science fiction is and always has been about the present. And.. aw shit, I should probably say something about global warming…

Be well and don’t stress, friends. That’s all I’ll say on the matter for now.

Create 😞 Lose Something New [accessories]

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I can’t remember the last time I downright lost something, but it still sux. I was wearing my new enamel pin on my jacket yesterday, and I guess my satchel strap must have plucked it off. Pretty gutted. Lesson learned.

Being in a creative profession is a dream of many. But not many know that it’s not an easy path and a big challenge is to create something of your own, your world, your style, your stroke. It is fascinating to know that even though there is so much already done, yet still creativity can take you to new places. When you pick up your tools, camera, or maybe a fresh sheet for your typewriter – strive to create something new! Something of your own. [Shop:]

I will write a separate post about the patch and pin counterculture another time. I’m still not comfortable telling peeps about how silly I feel giving in to impassibly collecting shiny things (I have a wish-list for goodness sake). I don’t want to become addicted, but yeah, I may have a soft-spot for enamel pins and the cool individuals who make them.

“Your dress is covered with pins!” / “There is no dress. IT’S JUST PINS!”

R.I.P. Chris Cornell 1964 ~ 2017

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Hearing this hellacious song for the first time was one of those musical awakening moments for me. Don’t seem to be having many of those intense experiences lately. It is sad to read about his death. Chris Cornell has left behind a great discovery of music and will be missed.

Sand Sculptures by Toshihiko Hosaka

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Earlier this month Hosaka competed in the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival along with 22 other international professional sand sculptors. The theme for the contest was “Hero” and Hosaka spent 3 days sculpting a figure of Musashi Miyamoto, which was awarded 1st prize on May 6th:

16th century expert Japanese swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto, seated down in a calm position, sword tucked under his belt.

You can see more of his work @

There is no core, mold or adhesive ever used throughout the process: just sand. The only trick Hosaka uses (and this is commonly accepted) is a hardening spray applied to his sculpture only after it’s been completed, in order to prevent wind and sun from eroding it for a few days. Hosaka even collaborated with a Japanese chemical company to create his own environmentally friendly Sand Art Glue, that substance he uses to spray on his sculptures once they’re complete.

“Alice” in Akita prefecture (2016)

“Asura” in Akita prefecture (2015)

Toshihiko Hosaka in front of “Tyrannosaurus” in Chiba prefecture (2016)

“Godzilla” in Shinjuku (2015) / “Kraken” in Taiwan (2016)

Rosemary Fairweather — “Chemicals” [♬]

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Website: / Soundcloud:… / Facebook: / Twitter: / Instagram:… / iTunes:…

“Chemicals” is from Rosemary Fairweather’s debut project, Heavenly — A Collection of Songs available on Spotify: https://open.spotif…

Friendship Goals

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Alachia Queen, a fav YT vlogger posted this on FB and all I could think was #same

“I dreamt last night that I had a lot of friends and it was fun. So today I googled how to make friends. It was not helpful. lol.”

5. Friends love goals 😂 9. Make it past the seven year threshold and your friendship is psychologically guaranteed #protip 😉 . Know yourself and love who you are 😎

Filter — “Take A Picture” (1999) [throwback] [♬]

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Have a twofer:

“Dirty Art” by Illustrator Nikita Golubev — Animals Etched onto Dirty Cars

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Do random passersby genuinely give a damn about the appearance of someone else’s car when they write or draw on it? It is more an invitation for silliness than anything.

Creating art from found materials is spontaneous and temporary, and I like it a lot. In this case, depictions of wild creatures where drawn/cleaned out from the dirt and grime of the streets. Moscow-based artist and illustrator Nikita Golubev has discovered an ideal canvas on the sides of filthy vehicles:

The reductive process involves creating “clean” spots by wiping or scraping his images onto the gritty surface of each car.

You can see more from his “Dirty Art” series on Facebook

Unless a rain comes, I have a funny feeling some drivers like it dirty.

This has been a public service announcement; anyone who has ever written “clean me” on a dirty car is now officially basic.

Two Men Rob a Whangarei Liquor Store Fleeing with Three Bottles of…Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Idiots! Surely it would have been more efficient to stay home and drink tap water, bro?

Police were called to the Cactus Liquor Store at 4.45pm on Monday when the men allegedly helped themselves to the wine without paying. Senior Sergeant John Fagan says “three of the bottles were non-alcoholic wine and one was a bottle of Greek fortified wine.”

“The store had high quality CCTV cameras installed at strategic positions within the store enabling high quality footage of the offenders to be obtained,” Mr Fagan said.

After the men fled the store, they waited for a vehicle to pick them up.

Police are following strong lines of inquiries.

And I’d like to think they are shamelessly preparing some brutal roast jokes while they go about it, because these sober gentlemen deserve it. Non-alcohogetthefuckouttahere!

TIE Fighter: The STAR WARS Anime! [fan film] [animation]

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YouTube is great for kitten hijinks, fan theories and achievement fails, but at its best it provides the average Joe and plain Jane with a forum to showcase their skill. Such is the case with this most impressive STAR WARS fan animation created by user Paul “OtaKing77077Johnson. One guy! Four years!

Essentially a montage of a mammoth space battle, the video depicts the Empire’s TIE fighters and the Rebel Alliance’s X-wings (among other ships) blasting it out in epic fashion. Simple proposition, awesome execution, and a great many wonderful sights are contained within—Lucasfilm pay attention:

“What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that’s all but vanished from Japan nowadays? Drawn and animated by yours truly over 4 years’ worth of weekends, with music by the living guitar solo Zak Rahman and sound design by up and coming audio technician Joseph Leyva. Fans of Lucasarts’ seminal 1994 TIE Fighter game may notice a few familiar sights and sounds. That “incoming missile” noise gives me horrible flashbacks to this day…” ~OtaKing

More supplemental material can be downloaded here: OtaKing also has a patreon if anyone so wishes to contribute to his cause: His dedication has brought much balance to the force franchise. The only negative here is that it’s not longer. OtaKing does have a one hour original mech film in the works though, which sounds pretty cool:

It may be a while before that’s completed. In the meantime you can enjoy this much shorter version of TIE Fighter but with a more traditional soundtrack:

May The Fourth Be With You, Always ;)

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Kiwi Born Playboy Playmate Poses Nude atop Mt Taranaki

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A couple touring New Zealand climbed a mountain together. One was Playboy playmate Jaylene Cook, so naturally she had her photo taken in her birthday suit while up there.

Big whoop, right. Here in New Zealand however, someone was bound to have an opinion to do with it having a profound, culturally significant effect on their large group of friends and relatives who never would have known about it otherwise but when they do they’ll have some really strong feelings to share.

…It pissed some men off, in other words.

Playboy playmate Jaylene Cook has scaled Mt Taranaki in a nude photo shoot, but not everyone has taken kindly to the stunt. The glamour model, who is touring the country with her photographer boyfriend Josh Shaw, posted the photo to Instagram which has attracted more than 8000 likes.

But one Maori academic said the photo was culturally insensitive and disrespected the mountain.

“I also know cousins and relatives who will be quite upset about it. They would consider it as being disrespectful towards the mountain,” Maori academic Dennis Ngawhare told Fairfax.

He said he believes iwi and hapu in Taranaki share his thoughts.

Cook defended her decision to go nude, saying she and her partner did their research before hiking to the summit of Mt Taranaki. Playmate Jaylene Cook climbed Mt Taranaki, posing naked for images near the summit. She said the photo isn’t explicit and that being nude is a natural and powerful pleasure, something not to take offence to. According to Cook, she waited until other trampers had left before undressing and posing for the camera.

Stratford Mayor Neil Volzke weighed in on the issue, saying the stunt was unexpected and culturally insensitive.

Cook was given the title of Playmate after she was featured in Playboy Mexico in January.

Cook was originally from Waikato before moving to the Gold Coast in Australia.

– NZ Herald

Such is the case with basically every landmark in New Zealand. I’m not cynical towards cultural custom and beliefs by any stretch of the imagination, however, I believe nudity is not something people should be attacking especially if it is consensual and innocently naive (I don’t think their intentions were to anger people/the mountain). And in this case, I think it’s pathetic Cook’s naivety on matters of iwi and hapu is being used to make an example of a belief, however valid it may seem. Or invalid; how can that one photo be culturally insensitive when it’s so culturally unremarkable?

I could segue into the dangers of anthropomorphism, but I’m really not that invested in trying to understand human behavior beyond my own opinion on the matter at hand. Naked woman on a mountain. She’s a Kiwi. Sweet. End of story.

Plus, well, it’s kind of hilarious to me (but not in a surprising way how this is considered news worthy in this funny country) because there have been countless promiscuous harlots visiting our beautiful shores for reasons of both business and pleasure for years don’t cha know?

Those landmarks weren’t mainstream enough to make a big deal about I suppose #doublestandards