10 Great Moments of Subjectivity on Film

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Movies are often at their best when they augment or twist reality to visualize that which has no form: concepts, emotions, mental states, illnesses, dreams, nightmares. CineFix presents its picks for the best subjective scenes:

Stories are told through a certain character’s perspective and filmmakers create various pathways to bridge the gap of understanding between character and audience. We’ve compiled a list of the best examples that convey a character’s specific state of mind.

GPS Doodles by Artist Stephen Lund

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Stephen Lund, a proactive cyclist who excises his physical and mental stamina on a daily basis has taken his bike riding one step peddle further and turned his cycle routes into an art project with help from a GPS app. Granted these look like shit, in my honest opinion (which I suppose is of course due to infrastructure), what is undeniably impressive is the method of their conception.


Strava is a popular GPS program used by runners and cyclists to track their workouts. Victoria, British Columbia-based artist Stephen Lund uses the program to create these “GPS Doodles” instead. Pedaling an average of 70 kilometers in a single day for each design, Lund completed 70 doodles last year! Here is a selection of his work below:



See more GPS doodles at https://gpsdoodles.com/ It seems like a tedious effort to me, but then again that’s exactly why only a lover of cycling or long distance stepping could pull it off. But I wonder… Yes, I can see them now, my own attempted efforts…



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dino day

Beauty and the Beach [F]

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Point Chevalier. Spent a lovely afternoon with a lovely friend. Drawing by the beach, we told each other our dreams, and they were beautiful.

The Time Guardian (1987)

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This Australian B-movie gem stars the late Carrie Fisher:

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher 1956 ~ 2016

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Boundary Breaking Video Games — Off Camera Secrets

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This interesting YouTube channel — Shesez — breaks video game code in order to show us neat easter eggs and development tricks that were deliberately made in order to save on memory by not rendering everything all the time, which is remarkably similar to a film set within the framing of a camera.

“With [Shesez’s] help we can see those areas of games that were never meant to be more than scenery or decoration.” – Molly Maugan (www.Zeldainformer.com)

Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc” Gayageum ver. by Luna Lee [♬]

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Luna plays a traditional Korean string, “Gayageum”


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Decisions Decisions

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Celtic Cross Discovered in the Middle of Irish Forest

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There is an impressive landmark growing in the middle of Donegal Forest, Ireland, but you could walk right through it and not even though it’s there. This newly-discovered ‘hidden treasure’ only reveals it beauty when seen from above:


UTV reporter Gareth Wilkinson traveled to Donegal to investigate, and learned that the Celtic cross was the work of local forester Liam Emmery, who had sadly passed away six years ago, due to brain damage suffered in an accident. His wife, Norma, told Wilkinson that she had forgotten all about the plantation, but that it would have made Liam very proud.

“If he was here, we would have all heard about it because he would have been so proud,” Mrs Emmery said. “He just loved things to be perfect. And I think the Celtic Cross is perfect for him.”

The Celtic Cross of Donegal Forest only becomes apparent in autumn, when the tree leaves start to change color. “It’s not just cutting patterns in your back lawn, this is sizeable horticultural engineering,” horticultural expert Gareth Austin told The Irish Post. “Liam created that and gave the gift of that to the rest of us, and we’re going to appreciate that for the next 60 or 70 years.”

🎶 Fighting Sexually Transmitted Infections by Moonlight

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Japan’s Ministry of Health is enlisting SAILOR MOON to help contain the spread of chlamydia, syphilis and HIV/AIDS, among other STIs:

In recent years, sexually transmitted infection cases have spiked in Japan. During the 1990s, Sankei News reports that the number never got over a thousand, but as of this October, there were 3284 people with reported STIs.

The poster campaign features Sailor Moon and a reworked version of her original “On behalf of the moon, I will punish you!” catchphrase. Instead, the STI poster reads, “If you don’t get checked out, I will punish you!” (English version of the catchphrase is slightly different.) According to Sankei, the campaign is aimed at young women in their teens, ’20s and ’30s, but it’s also a good reminder for all. [Images: Sankei News]