Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 — Vote for Shekinah Delos Santos

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Shekinah is a friend I met at Uni who made it through to the top 20 finalists! Public votes cost $1 and count for 50 per cent of her overall score, with $1 of every $5 proceeds made going to the SCOT Foundation to help children and orphans in need.

She is Filipino, a recent law graduate, and just between us, she’s a gamer geek (She invited me to play League of Legends one time but I couldn’t get into it). I don’t know what sort of audience this draws or who the judges are, and that photo makes her look like a badass, but I can tell you that Shekinah is unassuming and kindly, and if you have a passing interest to vote, you should give it to her (click image for link to voting page):

The Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 winner will be named
during a live Grand Final show at SKYCITY Theatre on August 12, 2017.


100 Movies 100 Numbers 100 Seconds Supercut

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Why do I get the feeling that video essayists are running out of ideas for their supercuts? They’ve exhausted the clichés and troupes to the point that they have to Sesame Street things for our entertainment now, lolz! Here are 100 characters counting down from 100:

Recreated TERMINATOR 2 in GTA V [mashup]

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YouTuber Mikhail Kramer, made a shot-for-shot recreation of TERMINATOR 2 using the Grand Theft Auto V game engine. Given the limitations, it is totally impressive:



Lol no shit.

Irrationally Irate Pedestrian meets Pole

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10/10 would watch again! This twenty second clip is basically a one act play. The driver stops at a light as a man in a red hat and his adorable cocker spaniel start to cross. The guy seems to be annoyed that the driver took the stop abruptly, or maybe he’s mad that he didn’t hit his horn? It’s a little unclear, but he definitely seems mad, taking the whole crosswalk distance to gesture rudely at the person behind the wheel. Then pole.

The funniest part of the video isn’t necessarily when he face plants into a pole, but his reaction right after, when he turns towards the driver as though they had master planned the outcome all along. No chill much 😂

A Gangsta’s Post-Relevant Paradise & Valérian [NSFW]

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I truly hope this movie is as awesome as the trailer promises. And for you yougins, the soundtrack is a rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise” by American rapper Coolio, from the movie Dangerous Minds (1995):

Coolio is one of those OG ’90s rappers who faded into obscurity at the turn of the millennium. I do know that he tried to relaunch his image by signing some weird promotional deal with PornHub in 2014. Yes, that PornHub. So much for a comeback. Here’s the censored NSFW music video you spank monkey:

OK, so I did some digital digging, went further down the rabbit glory hole, glared through a cum-stained looking glass and discovered that Coolio once gave a live performance to a nightclub full of people having sex! It was for some European orgy site.

What a guy. I don’t think anyone gives a shit about “Gangsta’s Paradise” at this point, but I am sorry if I somehow sullied the movie trailer for you. Just a little 😛 My propensity to wander and connect leads me to make some out of it discoveries sometimes, and I know how much peeps prefer to keep porn viewing separated, so I defer — Take It to the Hub.

Norah Jones Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell With Tender ‘Black Hole Sun’ Cover [♬]

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Jones honors Cornell with bluesy, solo-piano rendition of Soundgarden classic “Black Hole Sun” during a show in Detroit on Tuesday:

“Jones brought “Black Hole Sun” into her wheelhouse, toning down the crashing drone of the original and remaking it as a spare, bluesy number. She sketched a melody with handsome piano chords, and as she sang, she stretched words and toyed with the space between them. Around the four-minute mark, Jones suddenly left tranquility behind by elevating her volume and wailing the song’s title several times. The performance came to a peaceful end with a quiet, melancholy figure on the piano.” ~ RollingStone

If you are struggling with mental health, feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact Lifeline Aotearoa on 0800 543 354, or visit The NZ Music Foundation Wellbeing Service

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If you are struggling with mental health, feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact Lifeline Aotearoa on 0800 543 354, or visit The NZ Music Foundation Wellbeing Service.

8-Bit Tribute to Sound Garden “Black Hole Sun” (R.I.P. Chris Cornell)

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Global Warming, or Terraforming DUN-DUN-DUUUN!!!

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“”People will think of Antarctica quite rightly as a very icy place, but our work shows that parts of it are green, and are likely to be getting greener,” said Matthew Amesbury, a researcher with the University of Exeter in the UK and lead author of the study.”

You can click the image link above to read an article about global warming from the Washington Post, on a New Zealand news site. Which I can’t help but feel is weird and lazy journalism. Too fluctual a topic for my liking in any case, but you might love it.

Honestly, I just liked the picture, and it reminded me of a movie no one ever talks about, ever. THE ARRIVAL (1996) is a decent sci-fi story about planet warming that stars Charlie Sheen like you’ve probably never seen him:

Personally I don’t believe in visitors from beyond and chalk every conceivable notion of UFOs and extraterrestrial “evidence” up to nefarious humanity. Political schemers with agendas and/or individual liars with selfish urges. Aliens make for amazing literary fodder, sure, but as far as reality goes, we the people can be conniving and easily manipulated. It could be my introverted intuition (Ni) that grounds this worldly perception, all I know is this isn’t a contradiction — me loving sci-fi but not believing in aliens. Good science fiction is and always has been about the present. And.. aw shit, I should probably say something about global warming…

Be well and don’t stress, friends. That’s all I’ll say on the matter for now.

Create 😞 Lose Something New [accessories]

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I can’t remember the last time I downright lost something, but it still sux. I was wearing my new enamel pin on my jacket yesterday, and I guess my satchel strap must have plucked it off. Pretty gutted. Lesson learned.

Being in a creative profession is a dream of many. But not many know that it’s not an easy path and a big challenge is to create something of your own, your world, your style, your stroke. It is fascinating to know that even though there is so much already done, yet still creativity can take you to new places. When you pick up your tools, camera, or maybe a fresh sheet for your typewriter – strive to create something new! Something of your own. [Shop: https://www.asildastore.com/]

I will write a separate post about the patch and pin counterculture another time. I’m still not comfortable telling peeps about how silly I feel giving in to impassibly collecting shiny things (I have a wish-list for goodness sake). I don’t want to become addicted, but yeah, I may have a soft-spot for enamel pins and the cool individuals who make them.

“Your dress is covered with pins!” / “There is no dress. IT’S JUST PINS!”

R.I.P. Chris Cornell 1964 ~ 2017

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Hearing this hellacious song for the first time was one of those musical awakening moments for me. Don’t seem to be having many of those intense experiences lately. It is sad to read about his death. Chris Cornell has left behind a great discovery of music and will be missed.

Sand Sculptures by Toshihiko Hosaka

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Earlier this month Hosaka competed in the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival along with 22 other international professional sand sculptors. The theme for the contest was “Hero” and Hosaka spent 3 days sculpting a figure of Musashi Miyamoto, which was awarded 1st prize on May 6th:

16th century expert Japanese swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto, seated down in a calm position, sword tucked under his belt.

You can see more of his work @ http://www.t-hosaka.com/works/

There is no core, mold or adhesive ever used throughout the process: just sand. The only trick Hosaka uses (and this is commonly accepted) is a hardening spray applied to his sculpture only after it’s been completed, in order to prevent wind and sun from eroding it for a few days. Hosaka even collaborated with a Japanese chemical company to create his own environmentally friendly Sand Art Glue, that substance he uses to spray on his sculptures once they’re complete.

“Alice” in Akita prefecture (2016)

“Asura” in Akita prefecture (2015)

Toshihiko Hosaka in front of “Tyrannosaurus” in Chiba prefecture (2016)

“Godzilla” in Shinjuku (2015) / “Kraken” in Taiwan (2016)