Californication: The Game

In 1999 the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their seventh studio album Californication.

In 2000 the album’s title track was released as a single, and along with it came one of the coolest 3D rendered animated music videos ever to grace the music scene. It certainly stirred emotions and imaginations, and for obvious reason captured the hearts of young gamers around the world. I was one of those dopey kids who had wishful daydreams of what the sixth generation of video game consoles may bring. I remember thinking at the time how Crazy Taxi was the closest actual game to it.

Now, some twenty-three years later, developer Miquel Camps Ortezaa took it upon himself to create a free to download video game based on that sweet music video. What began as a two-day challenge to re-create the spirit of those delirious game logic scenes, ended up as seven levels, allowing you to experience the super graphical environments as if you were the shirtless band-mate confronting those crazy hyper heart-pounding dangers.

So… The graphics leave a hell of a lot to be desired 😂 it is janky, but fun, and did I mention, freeeeeeeeee. Download the game for free on for Windows PC and macOS to relive the glory days of 2000’s RHCP. Alternatively, you can just watch the MV below.

Although Otherside had the hook I hummed the loudest down the school hallways (and a German Expressionism, Cubism, and M.C. Escher music video aesthetic I could’t get out of my brain), Californication is definitely one of those era defining songs. People will still be finding and enjoying it many years from now. Much like today.

~ by Fionnlagh on March 15, 2022.

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