I can forgive The day the earth stood still” remake and Keanu Reeves but mostly because he is starring alongside Jennifer Connelly. I can forgive a “Robocop” remake because anything involving cybernetic organisms is likely to be cool, and I can also even forgive all the bastards that rumoured a “BladeRunner2.”

But this… This is FORBIDDEN!!!

Forbidden Planet (1956 SF Classic), the sci-fi version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is getting the Hollywood makeover treatment, courtesy of Babylon 5’s J. Michael Straczynski and producer Joel Silver.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Straczynski – currently hot again in Hollywood thanks to his script for Clint Eastwood’s Changeling, after semi-retreating into comic book work like Amazing Spider-Man and Thor -is scripting the project for Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures. This isn’t the first attempt to remake the 1956 classic, however; Forbidden Planet has been passed around from studio to studio and director to director for years, having been a potential project for The Chronicles of Riddick’s director David Twohy and James Cameron, amongst others.

No word, yet, on who would direct this version.

Forbidden Planet also features an eerie “score” that is the first film to use electronic sounds instead of a musical score. It is an excellent movie and certainly a classic of its time.

Read Article: Hollywood Reporter

~ by Fionnlagh on November 1, 2008.

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