Seventeen Cosplay Hotties

You might have heard or know of this term ‘Cosplay’ but do you know what it actually means? It is short for ‘Costume Play’ and it is usually a means for fans to imitate their favorite characters in many Asian type comics, novels and video games.

Cosplay cultures is most prominent in Japan where thousands of fans flock together regularly to have fun dressing up as various fictional characters. Here are some ‘interesting’ cosplay girls for those who are particularly into fantasies and role-playing chicks.

Samus AranAya Brea - Parasite Eve2 [awesome PSX game about mitochondria DNA and monsters]Street FighterDevil May Cry 4 - Vikki Blows toplessMorrigan - Darkstalkers Morrigan - DarkstalkersSaikanoStorm & Rogue [oldschool]Sniper WolfEVA - MGS4Olga Gurlkovich - Metal Gear Solid 2KOS-MOS - XenosagaPhoenixPsylockeFaith - Mirrors EdgeMeryl Silverburgh - MGS4Heather Morris - Silent Hill3 [love the silent hill series]

I’m picky; girls dressing up is fine by me, but when it comes to Cosplay, I really only like it if the background is suitable. [that’s not strange is it?] 

+ One More

Tifa Lockheart - FFVII

~ by Fionnlagh on November 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Seventeen Cosplay Hotties”

  1. Some familiar characters here and also some new ones i haven’t seen, I think without some these great female characters the anime,manga,tv show or video game wouldn’t have been as good as they are, three cheers for the heroines of these great genres =D

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  3. Mind to tell me who’s the person cosplaying Heather?

  4. No idea sorry, but she’s good huh. Looks exactly like her. I’ll try and look for her name.

  5. olga gurlokovich is soo cool!!

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