Elyza – Book Crossing [F]

After helping a relative move house today, I found myself bumming around under the beating sun and soon on the streets of Auckland city. The amount of rubbish on the road suggested the 75th anniversary Santa parade had finished. Gutted, as I missed the Bike Parade earlier this year as well. More parades, pass the petition!

Construction work had blocked off half of the Town Square, leading me to walk a direct path along the Town Hall Theatre building. I went and sat on the steps into Aotea Square, where I found this book: (6:57PM)

Elyza - Clare Darcy

Neat. A lost book, or so I thought. No less than a minute had the cleaners arrived; they would have biffed it for sure.

“Unfashionably outspoken, inconveniently rich, Elyza Leigh was a disaster in London high society. In despair she disguised herself as a boy, ran away – and fell into the arms of a devastating stranger who whirled her into the breathless gaiety of a Brighton Season. In return he asked her help in wooing the exquisite Corinna Mayfield. Elyza would have been delighted – had sh herself not already fallen in love with him…”

Elyza Clare Darcy

I don’t think I’ll get through reading it all by the time I start to get bored, say, mid December, so I will definitely post where I’m likely to leave this book when I’m done with it, OK. Of course I mean that optimistically in the hopes that this book isn’t a tedious read.

Today’s affair reminded me of The NeverEnding Story, you know the one:

“A boy who needs a friend finds a world that needs a hero in a land beyond imagination!”

The NeverEnding Story

I feel special! Bastian used to be my online alias… Yeah, I used to be cool. I also have the motion picture soundtrack and Limahl’s greatest hits on cassette tape… TMI huh?

This is the charismatic woman who left the book to fate:

Very Cool. Cheers.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 30, 2008.

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