Man Teaches Robot To Play Pong

Robot Taunts Man. Man Foolishly Doesn’t Kill Robot.
Robot Kills Man! End of the World Stuff People!!!

One day perhaps; machines will contest man’s authority to live, but that machine won’t be this trivial, though formidable Robotic Pong Player:

“Pong: the robot edition”. This project shows an entertainment application based on Human-Robot Interaction, where the robot gives a new gaming dimension to that old-school arcade game.

Rather than playing alone, the human player faces now a robot, which reacts according to the state of the game. Through appropriate speech dialogs and gestures, it engages the user in a fierce but unfair competition. Indeed, all disturbing techniques, such as in-game speech are included.

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Salvador DaBot – The Portraitist Robot

The Portraitist Robot recognizes human faces in its surroundings and extracts relevant characteristics from them [via integrated webcams]. By using its uncanny artistic talent, it then draws portraits of the participants from the captured images by converting them into vector art and by using inverse kinematics to control the robot’s arm.

Contours of the faces are first extracted from the images captured through the robot’s internal cameras. The contours are then converted to paths by organizing them with respect to their lengths.

Visit: Sylvain Calinon / Eric Sauser

~ by Fionnlagh on December 2, 2008.

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