APPETIZING BENTO! Game/Anime/Movie Inspired

AnnaTheRed makes these delicious lunches for her boyfriend, who might very well be the luckiest guy in the world:

…I’ve discovered a love for making bento (lunchbox in Japanese)!

In Japan, a lots of moms wake up early to make bento for their kids and their husbands. And often, they make cute animals or characters from anime shows out of food, so that kids will enjoy eating healthy food. Those bento are called “Kyaraben” or “Charaben” (character bento).

So, I’m going to write about bento, plush, food and anything I create in my blog. Nothing serious, just for fun.


My Neighbor Totoro

I made a list of video game characters my boyfriend liked first, and looked at each character to see which ones could be made out of food.
I knew that he LOVED Yoshi from Super Mario World when he was young (and still does!)

Super Smash Bros - Kirby Vs Yoshi

The hardest part of making a bento isn’t actually making it. It’s how the food/color is placed in a bento, so I drew some sketches before making this bento, and tried to visualize it in colors.

Super Smash bros. Pikachu

Portal Companion Cube - Cake

Professor Layton

Invader Zim - Piggy & Gir


Cooking Mama

Spirited Away - No Face, Kodama and Makkurokurosuke [Awwwesome]

Bioshock - Big Daddy & Little Sister [this chick, Anna is officially, awesome]

Flickr: Obento! / Blog: Bento Factory

~ by Fionnlagh on December 11, 2008.

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