The Encouragement Project [Part 2]

The one I made - YAY!

“Part Two is where all of you, my dear artistic readers, come in!

You know all of these messages of encouragement floating about [you should— there are over 400!]? Pick one [yes, you!]. It doesn’t have to be your own message. Pick anyone’s message. And draw it. Paint it. Collage it. Art it. Do it. Whatever you do, however you do, just do. And you have thirty days to “do.” And then?

Then you send it to me at erin[AT]designformankind[DOT]com with the subject line “Free Encouragement.” Your entry [4×6 dimensions, please!] will be sifted through and loved and canoodled and may possibly be chosen to be part of a VERY special and inspiring postcard pack for you to send MORE encouragement into the world. See how it works? It’s one big food chain of niceness!

Be very excited. And get to work. Don’t worry if you choose the same message as others— there are plenty to go around, and duplicates are just fine! The more, the merrier. Comment below to declare your participation, tell your friends, and go forth— be inspired!

Remember: deadline is FEBRUARY 1ST. Don’t be late. 😉
[special thanks to Jeff at Boooooooom, who is basically the BEST collabo partner EVER!]”

Writer Erin Loechner launched award-winning Design for Mankind

Visit Site: Design For Mankind

Dark In The Boy Thanks You

Dark In The Boy Thanks You

~ by Fionnlagh on January 20, 2009.

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