Dr. Manhattan Over London

"Watchmens" Dr Manhattan

To celebrate the UK release of “Watchmen,” Paramount Pictures set up an amazing event at London’s River Thames by creating a vertical screen of water using the world’s biggest water screen projector to showcase Dr Manhattan.

This water screen measured an amazing 72-feet high and 100-feet across and was situated between the London Eye and The Shell Building. The event took place lastnight at 8pm GMT.

Wather projection over the river Thames, London

Paramount had the following to say:

Specially created, never to be seen again Watchmen footage, will be projected onto the screen to showcase Dr. Manhattan’s translucent and shimmering form in dramatic and gigantic effect – this really will be an excellent and exciting medium to see Dr. Manhattan in all his super human glory; and to watch him hover over the city in true Watchmen style!

~ by Fionnlagh on March 6, 2009.

One Response to “Dr. Manhattan Over London”

  1. The projection was epic – genius

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