Stupid Girl

I can understand if you were born a whore, but really – you must be a silly girl:

This Teenager Is Trying To Auction Off Her Virginity…

Eighteen-year-old Alina Percea

But Nobody’s Interested

Meet 18-year-old  Alina Percea, the young woman pictured above is attempting to auction off her virginity for 50,000 pounds. The only problem? Nobody’s bid more than 5,000 pounds so far even though [or because?] she is willing to have unprotected sex with the winner and hopes that she will be able to meet her future husband through the auction.

Unprotected sex; that bumps you up from silly to stupid; you’re just a whore for taking money for sex, and you just plain suck because I can’t afford you!

Read Silly Article: The Sun

~ by Fionnlagh on April 8, 2009.

One Response to “Stupid Girl”

  1. she looks like a nice girl, but i guess you cant judge a book by its cover…

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