Dad Makes Killer Lunch Bags For Kids – Lunch Bag Art

Each day, this parent draws a fancy peice of art on his kid’s lunch bag. And he’s very, very good. Talk about Father of the Year material:

“A new bag each day for my kids.

I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break.”

Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

Barnacle Man, formerly Barnacle Boy, leader of the supervillain group “E.V.I.L.” (Every Villain Is Lemons)

Mermaid Man

Zapp Brannigan tells it like it is

Ben Ten Alien Force


Roger Roger

The Conquerer Koi

Rogue - Xmen


See them all at: Lunch Bag Art

~ by Fionnlagh on April 28, 2009.

One Response to “Dad Makes Killer Lunch Bags For Kids – Lunch Bag Art”

  1. Wow… That’s just amazing. I bet it’s really cool coming with such a lunch back to school. I wouldn’t take it with me though, just leave them at home to collect.

    – Lora

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