Make A Gallery, Make An Artist [F]

So I only just now figured out how to take files off my phone and onto the computer. Duh Fin, anyway, do I have some things to show you!

Firstly: I spotted this eye patch in one of those cheap any/everything shops and knew right off the bat what was so intriguing about it:

Total Annihilation Kingdoms

I use to play this game like I was tweaking on steroids. Then Iron Plague came out and by then I was an addicted TA junkie. Luckily I moved past the carnage of TA and only now venture into first person shooters. …Shit man, I’m getting and urge for alchemy again!

Secondly: My dad recently bought a small building to start a business selling organic foods and such:


Believe me when I say, I was dubious of the whole idea, but that was before I saw, and, remembered the place from childhood.

It used to be an old Video Ezy, and I remember going in there as a youngin and picking up a video case of Robocop and thinking this is the coolest robot I had ever seen (still haven’t seen the movie) Times have changed and the neighbourhood now is pretty fucking cool.

So cool in fact, that I managed to score a job right next door, at a swank fish & chip shop. I say swank because they serve gourmet salads and hamburgers – Compared to South Auckland fish & chip joints, this place is an oasis:

When I went back to the shop the next day, the front window had been graffitied over:

The funny thing is, neither me nor my dad are upset by it. Maybe because the message is cool:

Make A Gallery Make An Artist

Will do one day, will do.

~ by Fionnlagh on June 12, 2009.

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