Very Sad News – R.I.P. Willie Komene

Sad news indeed. An e-mail has been sent out to many a friend of Willie Komene, informing us of his passing. He attended South Seas in 2006, and though I can’t say I knew the man well, the last time I saw his name was during the credit roll of Marc Ellis’ “How The Other Half Lives“, so I can only imagine he lived well.

“Our thoughts are with his family who have lost a son and a father and his colleagues who have lost a dear friend. This news really is devastating to us all.

Willie was a young man with great promise and had impressed everyone he’d come in contact with, me included. He was a very talented individual and since leaving us had worked at TVNZ and TV3.

We pay tribute to him and we have his children in particular in our thoughts.

Please, please – if you ever feel in a dark place or know someone who is, then don’t ever hesitate to seek help. Life is too precious.”

~ Angelos Frangopoulos

Here is a video we made during the after party of a Peter Pan play:

My deep sincere condolences to the Family of Willie Komene. This is a video me and the guys from South Seas made together during the Peter Pan [school play] after party, and Willie was a blast. We had to film in between the bartender walking outside serving drinks so as not to get caught and told to leave. Good times. Rest in Peace Willie. ~ Findlay Donnan

~ by Fionnlagh on June 16, 2009.

One Response to “Very Sad News – R.I.P. Willie Komene”

  1. i misss you so much uncle willie!

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