Saved by my iPod: Girl survives Freak Lightning Strike after wire diverts 300,000 Volts

Wow, I mean what are the odds of this happening? and everything being setup perfectly for this to occur – Read on:

Sophie Frost 14 saved by iPod

A teenage girl survived a terrifying lightning strike after she was saved by the wire of her iPod.

Schoolgirl Sophie Frost and her boyfriend Mason Billington, both 14, stopped to shelter under a tree when a storm struck as they were walking near their homes.

Doctors believe Sophie survived the 300,000-volt surge only because it travelled through the gadget’s wire, diverting it away from her vital organs.

What a cool story. Since her headphones were hanging from her school uniform – and not in her ears – the wires diverted some of the current away from her body, avoiding vital organs.

The effect of the strike was also reduced because she was holding hands with Mason at the time, splitting the shock between them.

The iPod had been bought by Sophie's grandmother only a few days before the lightning strike

She will be thankful she was wearing her iPod, which she had been given four days earlier as a gift from her grandmother.

Returning from hospital yesterday after three days of treatment, she said: ‘I’m just glad to be alive. I don’t remember a thing about what happened, but from what everyone tells me it’s a miracle I’m still here.

‘If lightning hits a person it can do one of two things. It can go down the outside of the skin, which is more likely if someone is caught in a storm and their body is wet.

‘Or it can puncture the skin and go into the body. Potentially a metal wire, which is highly conductive could divert the electricity away from the heart and save someone’s life.’

Sophie was reunited with her boyfriend and family in Rayleigh, Essex, yesterday after being transferred to the Broomfield Hospital for burns treatment.

She said Mason, whose eyesight is now back to normal, was a hero. ‘My mum thinks he’s wonderful,’ she added.

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