The “Captain Planet” Movie Hoax [photoshoped]

You’ll pay for this photoshop hoaxers! This maybe just nostalgia talking, but I would LOVE to see a Captain Planet movie, in 3D!

The Captain Planet Movie Hoax

The above image is making the rounds on the internet lately along with claims that a Cap’n movie is on the way, possibly in 2010. Now let us crush your dreams. First of all, the location of said poster is allegedly at the Comic Con WB booth. We certainly didn’t see it and neither did the hundreds of fans and journalists all on the floor. What we did see that the WB booth were these posters:

Original pic

Notice the lack of Planet? Even if they did post this mysterious poster after preview night, I’m pretty sure someone out there would have noticed. [io9]

Did you know, that as well as there being an established Captain Planet Foundation charity, it boasted a number of celebrity guest actors with the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Sting, Tim Curry, Martin Sheen and Meg Ryan voicing the villains. Whoopi Goldberg played Gaia, the Planeteers’ mentor and Spirit of the Earth, and was apparently replaced by Margot Kidder midway through the series.

G O  P L A N E T !

Definitely one of my favourite opening sequences EVER – and just listen to that theme song!

Make it happen Hollywood – I mean the chrome-skinned guy had green-mullet-hair, come’on! And it would be more entertaining than say, talking Hamsters or Aliens in the Attic/Jonas Brothers shit.

Planeteers on "Cyanide and Happiness"

~ by Fionnlagh on August 10, 2009.

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