Everyone grows up, even The Mighty Morphin, GO GO Power Rangers! DERR, DER, DER, DERRR, DER, [then and now]

Power Rangers is a long-running American entertainment and merchandising franchise, built around a children’s television series featuring teams of costumed heroes.

The Power Rangersconcept originated from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai Series. Rather than making an English dub of the original, the American production team put together a “new” production with English-speaking actors spliced in with the original Japanese footage in varying ratios.

Looking back at the teenage superhero fantasy, of course it’s laughable, (None of these kids seem to question the fact that they’re getting instructions from a gigantic, incorporeal face floating inside a large smoke filled bong) but man what a golden lightning strike of genius The Power Rangers were, to last 16 years since 1993!

FYI the new episodes were filmed right here in New Zealand, and my mum played one of the creature goons on it. Uber awesome huh, actually it’s kind of ironic as she didn’t let me watch the show when it was aired… Ah sweet poetic justice. Love you internet!

The robots and fight scenes which none of the actors really did, are of course the coolest things about Power Rangers.

IceIceBabies has posted an intriguing ‘Where Are They Now’ look at The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. To give you a brief run down; one has become a successful TV drama actor, another is a paramedic, one died in a car accident and one was recently pulled over for DUI [drunk driving]. [click image]

the original group

After school TV was the best. Depending on your age, you’d get a healthy dose of cartoons, Saved By The Bell, and/or Power Rangers.

Since starring in a kid’s hit series isn’t exactly a sign of future success, let’s take a look at what became of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. [iceicebabies]

Unicorn Thunder Zord Power I just want to watch retro stuff and eat Oreos!

~ by Fionnlagh on August 13, 2009.

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