Microchip in the Eye could Restore Vision …and eventual Borg Assimilation!

Locutus Of Borg

More like ‘will restore vision’, with human prototype trials said to begin within three years. It’s only a matter of time …Can someone read that out loud to them please.

A chip inside the eye that can help blind people see again is moving closer to reality as researchers at MIT work on a retinal implant that can bypass damaged cells and directly offer visual input to the brain.

Patients who receive the implant will wear a pair of glasses that has a tiny camera attached to it. The camera will send images to a microchip implanted in the eyeball that channels the input to the brain.

It won’t entirely restore normal vision, say the researchers, but it will offer just enough sight to help a blind person navigate a room. [Wired/GadgetLab]

Damn it! I scare myself sometimes with my six-degrees-of-separational superstition. A science fiction Borg Star Trek reference and the man that played Captain James T. Kirk, Chris Pine in a movie about being blind and ‘looking’ for love:

Chris Pine in 'Blind Dating' [romance/comedy, flop]

I WATCHED THIS SILLY MOVE LAST WEEKEND! [It’s lame, save your money] But the science behind restoring vision was portrayed accurately. We see with our brains.

Oh and just to show you how in tune I am with my thematic six-degrees ability, my next post features LeVar Burton [classic miniseries ROOTS], who you geeks should recognise as Lieutenant Junior Grade Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

LeVar Burton as Geordi Laforge

See you.


~ by Fionnlagh on September 27, 2009.

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