Modern Alfred Hitchcock Posters by Matt Needle / and a ‘special thank you’ to Kiwi icon/pioneer Chris Knox

Remembering to keep it simple, Alfred Hitchcock fan/artist Matt Needle re-imagined a series of posters for the films of Hitch.  As you can see, the only differences are an iconic image from each movie placed in the director’s famous profile, and the titles:

Modern Hitchcock Posters

It was in high school that I realized I wanted to devote part of life to film, and I have Mr Hitchcock and his works to thank.

Hitchcock explains the Kuleshov Effect to Fletcher Markle. 1964

On that note, I would also like to thank Kiwi rock & roll musician, cartoonist, and knowledgeable film buff icon, Chris Knox for his enthusiasm toward creativity and for his role in hosting New Zealand’s only series devoted to screenings of classic movies, entitled “The Vault” — My first encounter with Hitchcock. I loved that show Mr Knox!

The Vault

Before each movie Chris gives an enticing insight as to what can be expected in the movie, a brief background and any trivia and quirky hints of what to look out for during the movie. After the movie he does a summing up in his closing link filling in any gaps the audience may or may not have noticed. Chris’s animated style personalises The Vault.

Earlier this year Chirs Knox had a stroke ‘whilst watching Frankenstein (orig. 1931 James Whale version o’course)’. The medical prognosis was grim but Mr Knox is much better and recovering. Thank you, sir.

1990 love song to Barbara, “Not Given Lightly”

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