A Puppet Show On The Go

Traffic congestion + a white Mazda truck + a few puppets and an FM transmitter =

Mobile Puppet Theater: US 210 Freeway Pasadena, California

Drivers stuck behind this Mazda will be treated to puppet shows that explore themes such as chaos, control, fame, friendship, snobbery, artistic integrity and love.

A radio frequency will also be on display, in which the driver can tune into and listen to the soundtrack of the puppet show on their radios.

Starting roughly at 5 p.m. on designated days, lucky commuters will see the back of the pickup’s shell top swing open to reveal an energetic hand puppet dressed like a heavy metal musician.

If they tune their radios to the frequency written on a cardboard sign on the tailgate, they’ll hear crashing guitar chords and a gravelly announcer’s voice say, “Welcome to ‘Superclogger’!”

What follows are four vignettes: An aging country singer laments the price of success; a naive young boy confronts upper class pretensions in a surreal conversation with a talking shrub; two construction workers shed their tough guy image with a karaoke version of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”; and an isolated writer sets aside his novel for a lucrative screenplay and love.

Dates & Locations can be found here: SuperClogger

~ by Fionnlagh on July 4, 2010.

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