Witches – What is it about a girl with magical powers huh?

Here are some glamorous starlets who graced the Silver-screen during the 1930’s-50’s I’ve collected over time for no specific reason other than I find them to be enchantingly glamorous and hauntingly alluring:

I love this image – The radiantly beautiful Anne Nagel (1912–66)

Nancy Carroll (1903-65), This Halloween press photo was issued by Paramount, probably towards the end of her time at the studio. It shows Carroll scantily clad in a glittering two-piece outfit. (1934)

Margaret Rose Valliquietto (aka June Knight) is described as ‘A vivacious blonde’ (1938)

Martha Vickers

Gale Robbins

Brilliant use of background shadow and you see how her hair is lit from behind to give her an angelic dreamlike quality – this look is what ‘charmed’ audiences to the Silverscreen all those many years ago – the age of Romantic Cinema.

Yvonne De Carlo – This picture was given to me by my friend Kitty because quote: “cuz Fin likes them classy classic chicks.” I surely do I do

Betty Grable – WWII Pin-up Card

‘I Married a Witch’  Veronica Lake, Sexy Witch, with many a leering JOL. Who can blame them. (1942)

“Hallowe’en Glamour – Dusty Anderson, beautiful Columbia Pictures‘ actress, will need more than that witch’s hat to frighten anyone on Hallowe’en, for she’s just too good looking to be mistaken for a witch.” (1944)

Universal Studio publicity photo of Jane Adams (left) and Patricia Alphin (right). (1949)

This Press Photo of Joyce Holden is titled ‘Hallowe’en Witches are Taller—and Blonder—this Season.’ (1950)

Great photos don’t you think? But how could I forget the most iconic Witch of them all – Margaret Hamilton as The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz

“Take special care of those ruby slippers – I want those most of all!
Now fly – fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!”

Visit ‘SexyWitch for more from a blog that is entirely dedicated to the fascination of Witches (whoa, their last post was in 2011, err) Hmm, for a modern thematic take on witches (no not Harry Potter) try watching The Craft. It’s more of a flick for chicks but I got into it.

Happy Hallowe’en Muggles!

~ by Fionnlagh on October 30, 2010.

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