Furry Lurve and Furverts [SFW]

I have no problem with fur *Ahem* but this is ridiculous! The biggest ‘Furry’ convention in the world went down in Pittsburgh. This is a group shot of SOME of the attendees:

‘Furry fandom refers to the fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.’


My favourite lol worthy part of that photo (If I had to choose) is top-left; Sonic and a MythBusting-Walrus, and is that? A super solider? Probably gets curious when Cortana isn’t around. If this is your thang you might like to see some Furry Kama Sutra by Michael Cogliantry:

Animals have it easy, but at least I have opposable thumbs right… Right? Screw you animal kingdom! And furries! And furries that have sex with animals! Stop holding conventions and having fa-huh-hun!

~ by Fionnlagh on November 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Furry Lurve and Furverts [SFW]”

  1. Nah, nothing is actually “frowned upon” in the furry community. That’s their biggest problem.

  2. What questions me is why they searched up Furry Kuma Sutra…

    And beastiality is frowned upon in the furry fandom.

  3. Most likely every person in those suits is a dude, too. A fat, bald, sweaty dude.

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