The Avengersaurs!!! by Artist David Resto + other Dino related stuff [mashup]

“Holy sh*t it’s a dinosaur!” – Laura Dern in Jurassic Park (the good one). She’s a good actress with a great screen presence and a role model to many up and coming and seasoned professionals alike…and I’m saddened to learn (thanks tabloid scumbags) about her marriage woes. Musician Ben Harper filed divorce and took a jumbo steaming Triceratops dump on their 5-year marriage. So sad. I love your music man but this brings you down a few octaves on my arsehole-o-meter. Dumps aside; check out The Avengers in fine dinosaur form!!!

Artist David Resto is transforming Marvel’s comic book characters into a collection of dino-tized superheroes. Meet the Avengersaurs, Iron Brontosaurus, and Captain Ameritops and more! Collect them all via Legitimus Maximus.

Also, some great writing on your part there Mr Spielberg; that is totally what someone would say if ever faced with a dinosaur:

HEY YOU! DUDE! Want to see something so extreme it will make your dick EXPLODE!

Also, while we’re all paying attention *cough cough fin you’re delusional cough* thanks to the allure of our giant spiky ancestors; I have to mention “Denver the Last Dinosaur (1988)” is ‘one of’ my fondest nostalgic cartoons I can remember. So 80’s!

The Land Before Time (1988)” is the (darn I want to say ‘only’) first movie that ever made me cry. I don’t think I’ll ever watch this film with anyone just because of that haha it’s so *gulps* touching…FUCK YOU Sharptooth!!!

Annnd, I’ve kept my ‘Caltex petrol station dinosaur sticker book’ from childhood. Screw you one guy, you’re just jealous. Seriously though, I funking love dinosaurs! (still looking for something new I can like that has nothing to do with childhood. Even ****  has its underage roots lol)

NO WAY! I’m missing Silvisaurus and Nodosaurus!!!


~ by Fionnlagh on December 17, 2010.

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