Self-consciousness or a Philosophical State of Self-awareness? [F]

I originally started blogging on MySpace with theories and rants about the big picture and philosophical thoughts in relation to human interaction. Some good discussions were had, even if they were only ever between three people.

Have you ever stepped back and looked at yourself for a moment and seen the type of person you are, or rather, the life you’re living, and seeing this makes you smile because you realize you’re standing on the right stepping stone to be potentially awesome?! But at the same time, the person you are seen as to your friends and others, isn’t the type of person you want to be known as, or want to be?

That’s a thought that has been running through my mind lately. Thinking you’re a good person but knowing you’re not the best you can be. I was going to ask if this was normal, but I know for a fact it is. What I would like to know, is whether part of our personality is something we have ultimate control over and can change on our own in our own time, or whether there is an outsourced factor, like other people and the company we keep and life experiences, that is what shapes us?

Depression and sadness isn’t the mood I want at all by writing this by the way; I’m feeling super great but I do tend to write my headcase-thoughts out of me from time to time. Feel free to comment or just muse over yourself.

…Maybe this is what feeling old feels like?

~ by Fionnlagh on December 26, 2010.

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