$EX [F]

So there was this guy at work; during my needed tea break, he told me stories about brothels and escort services in the area. Really. Mind you, I didn’t exactly tell him to shut his filthy f***ing mouth. His first-hand accounts certainly made his stories sound (I can’t lie) interesting.

But… He’s a married man, with a nine-year old child! Was he trying to come off as cool and connect with a younger generation? Should I be hearing these sorts of things? His idea of love and love-making is completely different to how highly I hold it in my head. I respect women and chemistry between two people. Anyway, that was my strange incident that took place today.

Don’t get me started about his stories of bottle parties and nude smoke sessions. I’ve had an earful of sex, it pisses me off. Married men can be wolves too apparently.

Surely a women must have some sort of sixth sense towards filtering out the good men from the bad, if they pay attention hard enough? It should be legal to just kick-scum-ass every now and then. They should call it ‘a gentleman’s beating.’ I’m sure there’s a quote in all of this too; whores attract whores?, or something.

 “Their kisses may be sweet but it’s not right to cheat.”


~ by Fionnlagh on January 4, 2011.

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