‘Han Solo’ is in Firefly?! [cameos & easter eggs]

Who knew Serenity was in possession of Han Solo’s carbonated body? Fellow geekdom blogger Amy Ratcliffe did! She discovered this gem and shared her finding on her blog Geek With Curves, but I suspect she may have been tipped off by Boba Fett himself:

Heart of Gold – Han Solo in Firefly

Objects in Space – look to the left of Book on the counter

The Message – look above Kaylee’s hammock on the top right


Apparently, the props department jokingly added the statue on set, as the show’s star Nathan Fillion is a big Star Wars fan, and in a bunch of cases, the statue was never caught or removed before filming began. [more]

“There’s a rumor that there’s one hidden in every episode, but these are the only ones I could dig up. It makes me extraordinarily happy to know about this hidden gem in the Firefly ‘verse.” – Amy

~ by Fionnlagh on January 16, 2011.

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