Robyn covers Björk’s “Hyperballad”

I found this today and I love it!

Hyperballad is my favourite Björk song because it is simply sweet and beautiful. Swedish pop sensation Robyn — another artist I admire — does a faithful rendition of Björk’s song, who was honored for her exceptional song writing contributions and achievements in the music industry with the prestigious Polar Music Prize at Stockholm, Sweden last year:

According to her drummer, Bjork was teary, which you can see, and thanked Robyn afterwards saying that it was almost too emotional to watch.

I’ve seen Björk perform live and she was amazing, most of the people around me however where only there to see Rage Against the Machine who were headlining next. And no, that didn’t stop me from grooving like a boss. Happy Belated Björk!

Bjork accepting the prize from King Carl Gustav of Sweden.

Hyperballad is about one of her best friends committing suicide. It truly is a great song and one of my all time personal favourites ever, ever, ever:

~ by Fionnlagh on January 17, 2011.

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