Mighty Morphin ‘Power Ranger’ Helmet Collection


I never knew I wanted one so bad until just now!

It doesn’t bother me that they’re not organized by color, they’re in order, but I wouldn’t organise them like that. I DO NOT KNOW where you can buy these from. They must be made by a private collector. Sorry everyone.

Power rangers helmets

~ by Fionnlagh on January 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Mighty Morphin ‘Power Ranger’ Helmet Collection”

  1. […] Mighty Morphin 'Power Ranger' Helmet Collection « Fin's Worldly … Mighty Morphin 'Power Ranger' Helmet Collection. I never knew I wanted one so bad until just now! It doesn't bother me that they're not organized by color, they're in order, but I wouldn't organise them like that. […]

  2. What a great collection, its really amazing.
    Could you direct me to a good reputable person to buy a few helmets from?
    Most I see are in Thailand, I would really like to buy one here in North America or Europe.
    Thank you so much, great website. Henry

  3. Would you sell the original ranger ones?

  4. where is this shop in rio de janeiro

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