A Drawing Helium-filled Kinetic Sculpture by German-based artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski

Kinetic art is ALWAYS striking. I think we are all intrinsically drawn towards the mysteriously weird and unknown. I’m not saying there should be more moving and interactive pieces of art in the world, that would only shadow the true artists who are able to blend wonder with fun. Just like Karina with her ‘ADA’, the scribbling ball:

‘ADA – Analog Interactive Installation, is made form an enormous helium-inflated sphere trapped inside a small room that’s spiked with dozens of protruding charcoal pieces which scrape the edges of the gallery wall as participants push, toss, and otherwise manipulate it. Given the constraints of the sphere and room, a single outcome (pictured at bottom) is destined to emerge, but yet requires the participation of dozens if not hundreds of gallery visitors.’ [Written by Christopher Jobson]

Speaking of scribbling; I came across an article claiming that doodling is beneficial to learning. Apparently doodlers don’t daydream as much. Of course what you doodle, has a lot to say about that theory as well — I’m guessing drawing a Pokemon-cat-hybrid while studying probably isn’t one of those subconsciously constructive doodles those research scientists are talking about huh? So if you’ve been practicing and honing your craft since childhood, congratulations, you have a a higher memory recall than non-doodlers. Keep up the awesome work, everyone! …Keep up… Helium… Hehe…

~ by Fionnlagh on September 10, 2011.

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