WIZARD! The full-blown, not-blown-at-all, no-budget remake of the cult phenomenon sci-fi opera epic STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE is available for your viewing pleasure in all its entirety, online for free!

Here’s the run down – all around the world Star Wars fans were given the opportunity, the power, the privilege to retell and take part in this epic swede-ish project.

A New Hope was broken into 472 clips all 15 seconds in length. Fans/individuals/teams then reserved their moment in Star Wars history and went about recreating their clip however they wanted, be it animation or live action, CGI or miniatures, actors or geometrically shaped inanimate objects, high-production value or crap-house.

The whole thing is a confusing mess (obviously the point to its charm) and breaks every single gosh-darn cinematic rule ever established through history, but it looks fun and certainly comes with a lot of force:

I’m glad to hear the original score was kept; it binds the piece together. Anyone keen for a marathon then?

~ by Fionnlagh on March 1, 2012.

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