Glowing Firefly Squid Beached Along the Japanese Coast

The Firefly Squid (Watasenia scintillans) inhabits the Western Pacific and is famously found in Toyama Bay, Japan. The 3-inch long creatures employ bioluminescent glands in each tentacle to attract and hunt prey. [Sparkling Enope Wiki]


~ by Fionnlagh on April 8, 2012.

5 Responses to “Glowing Firefly Squid Beached Along the Japanese Coast”

  1. I just wan 2 knw more things whch is around us we never think a sec bt god has creatd a beautiful world

  2. Wheeeee! Thank you! I have always loved blue lights. These are the best ever!

  3. Hey. Did you take this picture?

    I am doing a documentary for german television about the squid. We already filmed in Toyama, but unfortunately there weren’t enough squid at the beach on the two days we where there to get this kind of picture. If this is your picture, could we use it in the filme. If yes, could you send me a high-res version of it?



  4. Hi Sascha.

    I was contacted by the ‘University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Education,’ asking a similar thing. They wanted to make a reference for their optics unit in the Manitoba Middle Years science curriculum. Unfortunately Sascha, one of my sources is no longer active so I cannot tell you who took the original photo: [Asahi Shimbun]

    Feel free to reference this page and the picture, but I did not take the photo myself. Several other sites have used the same image so I can only assume that it is now in the public domain, but I’m not 100% sure. And that is the highest resolution of all.

    Your documentary sounds interesting. I would like to see it when it is complete.

    Toyama Bay’s firefly squid fishing season opened March 1 so yes, it would have ended by now. Toyama Bay is where this photo was taken. Here are some more links for you to follow:



  5. Hello. Thanks for your fast reply and all the info.

    The source of the picture really seems to be lost in the deep ocean that is the internet 😉

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