St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2013 [F]

The sun was out, hip peeps were looking fine and the music was all kinds of terrific! Organizers did well this Auckland Anniversary Day, worthy of the splendid lineup of talented musos they sought, who graciously accepted the invite to our shores.

Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland made his usual appearance and introduced The Phoenix Foundation to the stage. They were good and suited the kiwi summer weather. Of Monsters And Men surprised me the most with their catchy songs and upbeat stage presence, and Alt-J were OK but I had high expectations after reading a review that was not so accurate.


My favourite acts of the day were Bat For Lashes, who I initially bought my ticket for. Singer Natasha Khan graced the stage in a shiny scarlet gown, with her and her band mates encircled by decorated lamp lights that really set a great tone. Smoke was later added. And the second was Jessie Ware, who not only lived up to her reputation as a great singer and performer, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to date, but she was also very down to earth, having fun working the crowd. No, Celine Dion can’t hold a candle fan to you.

These were my three favourite songs from the festival – no particular order:

I stayed clear of alcohol this time-round thus avoiding all ques for any beverage other than free water on tap. I enjoyed myself this year and there were plenty more shaded areas to relax under after a beat fueled grooving, and believe me I appreciated it, especially when I was silly enough to rock super skinny jeans to this all-day-in-the-sun event. Shorts next year will be highly considered.

The best thing about Laneway for me (apart from the music of course) would have to be the breathing space and amount of room there is to dance and move around in, as well as gawk at some truly fashionable cats. I am tempted to attend again next year. Seven dollars for a meat log wiener would be my only major complaint. You’re damn right I took onions with that!

Laneway has really made its mark as a city festival and has found its home at Wynard Quarter’s Silo Park. A great venue for blasting sounds and celebration. The fourth St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival was good.

~ by Fionnlagh on January 29, 2013.

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