Creativity With Food by Hong Yi

Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi (nicknamed Red) played with her food for 30 days and managed to create some impressive pop culture homages, animals and landscapes:

Day 5: ‘sonny, if anything, just stay far far away from colonel sanders’

Day 6:  ‘all you need is love…’ cherry tomatoes, nori and soy sauce

Day 14: Arctic melting

Day 19: ‘Owl-nion!’ Made of onions and mint leaves.

Day 22: ‘Carnivore vs herbivore.’ Made of beef, spinach, and parsley.

Day 25: ‘Field of tulips!’ Tulips are made of chilli padi, or baby chillis.

Day 28: ‘Red cabbage Marchesa Salad!’ Cabbage, mayonnaise, basil seeds, silver dragees.

…Aah, I thought she looked familiar:


Day 29: ‘Goldfish in my consommé!’ goldfish made of pickled ginger, eyeballs of century eggs (google if you haven’t heard of them…they’re Chinese black eggs!), grass made of dill and jelly made of chicken consomme and gelatine.

“31 Days of Creativity with Food”

Way to set the benchmark for playing with food, Red. Kids, you’ve got some catching pfftthaha just don’t do it OK kids. Unless you want to be laughed at or growled, wait until you’re older. See all her works on her blog: ohiseered and photos on her instagram: redhongyi#

~ by Fionnlagh on April 30, 2013.

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