‘Harbinger Wars’ Here I Come! [comics]

Providing the weather doesn’t pack in, I’ll be picking up my comics tomorrow — YESSSS. So glad I found and stuck with Valiant Comics’ Harbinger reboot. Since Punk Rock Jesus and Planetoid concluded, Harbinger has become one of my favourite series to look forward to. Harbinger Wars merely affirms my elation with the series:


Peter Stanchek is a psionically endowed individual — a harbinger, who was prophesized as having great potential to reshape the course of human history.

Peter’s trust gets betrayed by a powerful man and fellow harbinger, Toyo Harada, who only wants to control Peter’s power and isolate him within his secret network of conspiracy known as the Harbinger Foundation. Now on the run with the friends he has made and helped along the way, Peter’s journey and ultimate fate lie within the pages of this four-part Harbinger Wars series, which ties in with Harbinger and Bloodshot (another comic of another superhero in the Valiant universe).

Peter must now confront Harada and his followers, but not alone.

I like comic books and stories in general so I can’t very well ignore this event.

I’m a bit disappointed with the artwork in Shrugged Vol 2 but I’ll stick with it for the story, especially because I found Michael Turner’s original to be extremely entertaining.

Star Wars: Legacy is shaping up nicely too. I’m loving Rachelle Rosenberg’s colour work at the moment, although she had me at Alabaster Wolves. I’ll upload some photos of my collection some time. Eventually… Maybe… You know what, don’t hold your breath.

~ by Fionnlagh on May 9, 2013.

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