Shane Carruth’s UPSTREAM COLOUR [review]

Shane Carruth’s UPSTREAM COLOUR is a sophisticated and pioneering science fiction story about — what I believe humanity has not yet come to address and romanticise — implications of grassroots biotechnology and the ability to misuse and biohack unsuspecting testees. An ingenious premise. How Carruth manages to tell a tale of love and bring the intimacy of two people to the fore of this clever and profound thriller-esque film, is entirely his masterstroke.

UPSTREAM COLOR’S structure reflects the protagonist’s emotions so well that the effect of the overall movie in the end feels very cathartic, even as it leaves you still pondering well into the credits what it all means. Are the peculiar mannerisms expressed by the characters, side effects of their induced and forgotten ordeal, or do their behaviours mean much more than humanly comprehensible?

UPSTREAM COLOUR is one of the most unique films at this year’s International Film Festival, in structure and style. It has been a long time since I’ve left a movie screening hypothesising the magnitude of its narrative. Watched it with my dad too. We both loved it.

~ by Fionnlagh on July 26, 2013.

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