Coco Solid’s Got The “Hook Ups” [+ music videos]

Jessica Hansell, aka, musician Coco Solid, is a multi talented hip-hop-elctro-disco-pop wonder woman who — is a kiwi no less — in collaboration with Illustrator Don Brooker and director Simon Ward, put together a neat 10 webisode mini-series that showcased on the NZHerald website. I’m not sure of its popularity due to my lack of knowledge of it’s running, but I think it deserves more attention, because I want to see more!

Musical twins Kowhai and Monty Hook have big dreams, but with bad judgment, the comical siblings live out the metaphors, tensions and clichés of the music industry.

My sister put me on this just as the series was ending. I was expecting something vulgar like that stupid cartoon set in Morningside that shall not be named, Hook Ups however is on par with Footroot Flats and Flight of the Concords — charming in its deadpan humour with no serious agenda besides pure unadulterated ambition:

HOOK UPS was initially a comic-strip Hansell made for NZ street-magazine VOLUME:

Pretty onto it, Hansell also voices the character Kowhai and is joined by actors Rizvan Tu’itahi (Monty), Scotty Cotter (#1 fan and cousin Ira) Madeleine Sami (the twin’s hippy Mum) and Frankie Stevens (their excessively macho ex-vet Dad).

Listen to some Coco Solid and you may get a solider idea of where she’s coming from, as well as get your electrik boogaloo on:

~ by Fionnlagh on August 12, 2013.

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