‘Hello Halloween Dolly!’

Walked through the Cellar door into an empty bar and took to a stool. Watched the barman polish glass, awkwardly, before I realized the side entrance leading to the actual sketch area.

Photograph taken by Doug Wetherall

I greeted the hosts but forgot to say trick or treat, fortunately for me, Pocahotness, Leda Petit treated me with a lollipop anyway; I’ll have to repay the favour. The ghoultastic MC, Lilly Loca was deejaying Fleetwood Mac over the speakers when I took my seat. David Bowie and Tupac made an appearance during her eclectic playlist, creating a pretty chill atmosphere throughout the night.

This was my first attempt at life drawing so I had to get used to the timed posing. It wasn’t a steep learning curve at all, just sketch what you see but be fast about it. Lilly had a few fun drawing games with an ARKHAM CITY COMICS prize for the winners, and for an undead starlet, Dolly DeStory made zombification look appealing. Apart from struggling to draw that damn flower in her hair, the night was all treats. I may have found myself a new hobby. Definitely dragging my drawing buddy along with me next time.

Oh, and about that favour; Leda Petit has a killer idea for a movie and has entered into the MAKE MY HORROR MOVIE competition. I had planned on submitting an entry about a girl and a volcano and blah blah blah, but Leda’s idea is not so outrageously ambitious as mine and has real potential to bring decency back to the classic werewolf creature feature we should all want to see happen. Vote for her after the jump — she wants to get hairy:

You don’t have to vote for her of course, but I mean, she did give me a lollipop.


~ by Fionnlagh on October 4, 2013.

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